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Thread: Gold Reserve Act of 1934, 48 Stat. 337 talk of redemtion and the Fed's first lien

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    The Government will sell u a Pass wont give u one

    Quote Originally Posted by lorne View Post
    In all my years of skiing I've never had to sign anything to buy a ski pass. The back of the pass will usually have all the terms. Basically, by buying this pass you acknowledge that skiing is inherently risky and dangerous ... so don't sue us if you crack your head.

    If you're saying you marked up the back of the pass and showed it to the low-wage cashier before using the ticket to get on the ski-lift, I hardly see how that constitutes proper notice. In fact, the mountain now has a witness to relate that you actually read the terms and conditions and cared enough to initial them. You can't claim ignorance now.
    The government regulations for ski passes or bus passes are contracts the variables and the variance u wright r4c on paperwork red ink lawful money not giving a pass . the ski lift drops walter on his head faulty equipment . if he tbones a tree they get a pass. variance of the waver for amusement only but the low wage DMV cashier took my picture had me sign the pass i varied it . all the courtroom drama never does this state witness get called who took the photo the cash and a pass. every 5 years new pic and free pass.Identification who took the picture and witnessed true name signature . no license breaking the law getting one just licensed to break a law .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulution View Post
    So the DMV accepted the incomplete form? Or is it along the lines of what walter is sying in the following post about Variation by Agreement?
    I think the suitor took phone photos before filling it in.

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    Thank you Soulution for the constructive comments.

    All in all the career autobiography was for me. But it also serves some helpful people for extracting from it items they see that will help grant permission for visitors at to invest. That is to say, the video is for me to capture why I am passionate about what I do and that took such a collation of various metaphysics mastery that I had to pack the audio into over an hour of fast tempo, and could not leave out the correlations and mathematical demonstrations. Otherwise it is just along the New Age self-help genre where people wave their arms and meditate and are healed.

    Sure enough. There is wholeness and healing without the scientific process and even without transducers to measure what is going on. I know about that and know how to characterize the reproducible aspects of this "whole" EMF torroid. So I do.

    I think you are right though. I doubt that anybody but you has really tried to understand my new video. I appreciate the effort.

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    I understand you are kind of in between a rock and a hard place in the presenting of your video. I just think being concerned with the length is trivial. Stretch it out! allow the viewer relish in the same AWE that you experience!

    You put too much effort into it to not reciprocate!

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    There are things going down with the brain trust and now the "new technology" about garnishment. So I am having a blast and would like to do new videos about other things, rather than to keep remaking or reworking the recent video.

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    Well I have subscribed to your channel! I look forward to the new material.

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