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Thread: Accepted for Value - IRS Tax Bill

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    Hello again fellow lawful money redeemers. lorne caught me, I was posting this for my significant other who has only be redeeming LM for less than a year. I on the other hand, have been redeeming it for 3+ years.

    She is not asking for tax refunds or anything like that prior to her actually redeeming LM. However, we are exploring IRS forgivness, using their abatement form. We sent the letter in that David suggested, along with the Federal Reserve Act section 16, copies of 12 USC 411, 12 USC 95a2. Received a letter a month later saying that the IRS needs more time to thing about it. Just got a new letter this week that was sent certified USPS, "Notice of Deficiency, Proposed increase in tax and notice of your right to challenge." It's basically the same thing and comes with a convenient form 5564 (notice of deficiency waiver).

    Should we persist and re-send the letter by certified mail requesting forgiveness along with a request for abatement form 843?

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