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Thread: Redemption I AM First Redeemer

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    Redemption I AM First Redeemer

    First trustee of the Resulting Trust - Lienholder too.

    I have probably read the Book of Revelation in detailed Bible Study five times. It is interesting how each time, it is a transformative experience that really opens my eyes to deeper personal revelation. For some while though, I have been convinced that on a small island it might be suicide to burn the grain silo just because it is infected with ergot - naturally occurring LSD. That explains a lot, with the stigma and taboo aside - about opening the floodgates to the preconscious and superconscious mind activity.

    Endogenous mysticomimetic neuropsychopharmacology.

    But there it is, on the record and ready for international law. The law of nations - Bank of International Settlements, whatever. No doubt it will be affecting the good faith and credit of the USA.

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    Being First Redeemer Doc 18 the clerk of court records that the cause is Garnishment:

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