A Suitor on the brain trust brought some of my journey to light:

http://<a href="https://youtu.be/d75...75upaDHSvY</a>

I will explain with Crosstalk:

Thank you True Name;

It was fun to get in on a little traditional law schooling. I found the Federal and State structures running in parallel entertaining. I was hoping for mention of the 'saving to suitors' clause' and gave up about halfway through. That is the mechanics behind deciding diversity.

Finding the Remedy traces back to my encounters with a 32° Freemason named James Harlan AYERS who sought to groom my authority.

Jim attempted to move a simple issue about the IRS as IMF (central banking) not filing in the US district court prior to placing a lien. - Slam Dunk and so Jim moved that the federal court ("Judge" Wiley Young DANIEL) would please remand the matter to state court. He would not do it. However all trace of the NOFTL disappeared from the county clerk and recorder. It was never Released - it just disappeared.

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This is where I began to understand the corruption.

James Harlan reached the 32° Degree and was hoping to learn the 'Secrets of the Sanctuary' in Albert PIKE tradition, which I now know as the Great Work; some simple practices I have recently described; encrypted within "Eat of my body, drink of my blood". Jim was desperate and when he was told he must wait to be worthy of 33° Initiation he became impatient and quit the Masons. Jim died of cancer while I was visiting. One noteworthy item among many is how Jim, as a financial consultant sold his clientele's portfolios on the eve of a major slump in the marketplace, based in Fibonacci predictions. Amazing!!

Also, the lecturing attorney brought clear stare decisis - case law. She calls it "judge made law". One thing she avoids that is most revealing is how the Constitution is ratified by the States but she fails to mention the bonding behind the States - the Declaration of Independence - where the signatories bonded with Life, our Estates and Sacred Honor. Therefore I suspect that during the next three years a law student might never really understand why changing "So help me God." to "SO HELP ME GOD." is wrong. However I am sure that by graduation attorneys understand changing the oath is fraud.