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Thread: Why is my FICO score unavailable?

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    Just doing what I can to end-the-Fed.

    Yes, the bankrupt guy is lucky - still driving the car. Says he stopped paying a year ago and hasn't heard a word from the finance company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Joseph View Post
    I am pretty sure that FICO score is a measure of your ability to receive credit. I would wager that he who redeems credit for Lawful Money is a bad credit risk.
    he who redeems credit for Lawful Money is a bad credit risk is probably not in their sys tem – as would Legal tender can be exchanged for an equivalent amount of lawful money however macro effects such as inflation can change the value of fiat money.
    "And if I could I surely would Stand on the rock that Moses stood"

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    Visiting this thread stirs images how the birth certificate can be misconstrued into a STRAWMAN bond or financial instrument. When it is more a gateway to the credit, verification that birth and death occur on a man or woman.

    I follow a serial called Mr Robot about hackers as a society. I also dabble in telomeregenesis. Man of the Earth (movie) inspires that one might fake his death, change his identity and move around every ten years to avoid the jealous inquiries of the mortals. The Bible describes two classes too, the Anunnaki Ruling Class, the sons of God (including the NEPHALIM) living hundreds and thousands of years while the sons of man die before a century of life.

    Mr. Robot inspires the idea that one might change their Date of Birth to match up to their apparent biologic age and upon somebody detecting they cannot age, resorting to a few more keystrokes to mimic a death certificate and changing name, moving to an unlikely place. Of course there is a plastic surgery makeover too - The Tourist.

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