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Thread: Chase keeps shutting down conservatives

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    Chase keeps shutting down conservatives

    "Along with Markota, Proud Boys’ Chairman Enrique Tarrio, and Trump supporting Army veteran Joe Biggs have had their Chase Bank accounts shut down in recent weeks."

    Just a reminder - bank account is their platform and they can de-platform you at any time.

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    I find your PINK-SNEAKERED CONCH SHELL somewhat un-nerving....

    Back on point tho'.....THE BANK of SEALY along with International Money Orders from the Post Office are my claim to fame ["ya don't own it if ya don't hold it"], with investments in land, hand & power tools to work that land, and animals to provide nutrition for us folks living on that land.

    ....the federal reserve banks do play an important role I LOVE PAPER & mark it up 6 ways to Sunday as evidence for transacting ALL events in Lawful Money....additionally, good deals to be had on repair parts ordered online !!
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    Thanks, happy to be here.

    Here's 1986-2018 Mercedes-Benz full workshop repair manuals for $10. no bank account needed.

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    I should say that is 10 dollars worth of BTC (bitcoin). The unit of account is dollars and the unit of exchange, what is actually trading hands, is bitcoin. You see it says "Reference only".

    Oh, you can also use LTC (litecoin).

    I believe the bankers don't like BTC and LTC because they bypass banks and the bankers Federal Reserve system of control. However...

    Bitcoin (BTC) should usurp current global payment systems within the decade, a new report from DataLight concluded on April 2.

    In a report on transactions on the Bitcoin network versus those with Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, the company made the prediction that if Bitcoin’s current rate of network growth continues, it will beat out competition from market incumbents.

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