On refusing for cause seems like a challenge to the Clerk now by simply declining the offer to pay or plea to the ticket It says on or before a date your allowed to plead guilty and pay before its in the system they still must wait 3 to balance the books bank entered credit like the Montana Freeman suggested way back when Its a interesting situation when the municipal police chief sends a letter begging your attention on the ticket matter I reason its because the clerk cant dock a complaint for non appearance a parking ticket wouldn't be any different in losing DRIVING privileges if unpaid but your just not getting a bench warrant for non appearance so both matters can be declined in a proper refusal notice And yes its worked for me also lorne just revisions in the verbiage a ticket violation is a valued offer $ amount settlement. Facing criminal charges and prints and that promise to appear signature thats just being forced to act like a driver and a defendant a R4C can be filed but the case will never be docked. But my repository states i havent had my day in court.