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Thread: Wonderful Shungite

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    Wonderful Shungite

    Recently I have been exploring an ancient coal vein in northern Russia, two billion years old. Lightning over the long millennium has converted the carbon into about 2% buckeyballs with the shurgite. That is the coal vein named shurgite for the village there, Shurga. About a million years ago a meteorite struck the coal vein and converted the coal in that seven-mile diameter crater to elite shurgite.

    This shurgite is much higher C(60) fullerene content and describes the energy of the meteorite impact nicely. I call the marks impact fronds. About every elite shungite chunk has a story to tell.

    Name:  shungite pendants.JPG
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    This one is a favorite, as there is a baby dragon on mama dragon's head, with an eyeball behind:

    Name:  elite shungite dragons close.jpg
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    This one has an Eye of Horus like in the pyramid.

    Name:  Eye shungite.jpg
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    Name:  shungite impact fronds.jpg
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    This last one shows the direction of the meteorite impact as the chunk of shungite separated from the rest of the vein of coal.

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    I invented the fullerene nanoparticle pump:

    gold - pineal gland

    Name:  fullerene nanoparticle pump gold.jpg
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    osmium - genitals/prostate

    Name:  fullerene nanoparticle pump osmium pellet.jpg
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    palladium - pituitary gland

    You see the alligator clip attached to a chunk of elite fullerite loaded with carbon 60 buckeyballs. The buckeyballs are capped with gold, osmium and palladium in the photos. Click the demonstration linked below showing how the monatomic form of highward spin exotic matter can be carried by the buckeyball to the telomeres of the DNA.

    Name:  fullerene nanoparticle pump palladium ingot.jpg
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    By pumping the nanoparticles into the third ventricle the DNA becomes superconductive and the ends are doped with the monatomic noble transition metal corresponding to the target chakra to be rebuilt.

    The eight noble transition metals and their corresponding chakras are shown in the display case to the left.

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    Interestingly there are no deposits of noble transition metals (platinum group), no veins of gold, that are from earth originally. I have studied historical geology a little and lately wondered why I have not heard about this. Then it struck me that the earth's crust is cooled magma and magma is liquid rock.

    So imagine you put some blue food dye in an ice tray and freeze yourself a blue ice cube. Now drop the ice cube into a glass of clean water. You will turn the whole glass blue but if you freeze the glass you have no way to get that blue ice cube back to its original density. Entropy. Concentrated platinum metals are from the asteroid belt.

    Name:  Astroid Materials.jpg
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    Here is a good model of steamed buckeyballs, like found within the impact fronds on my pendants. When the ancient coal was converted to fullerenes the meteorite steamed noble transition metals throughout the vein:

    I thought my divine daydreaming about one turn of the double helix fitting well into the buckeyball was a new discovery. But no...

    "Interestingly, ..."

    "...has been shown to slow down the onset of Parkinson's in mammalian models..."

    Then one look at the moon and we see how over geologic time we are bombarded by meteors that for the most part rain the vapors of monatomic manna on the ocean surfaces, providing their magic to the seas and then settling into sandstone and limestone:

    "... which incidentally the stones contain (manna)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lorne View Post
    "Interestingly, the size of the buckyball C60 molecule is such that it fits exactly inside the minor groove DNA winding, and binds to it."

    Are you postulating that manna is ... buckyballs with a single gold atom inside?

    As for C60 itself, I can say after several months of 5 drops taken daily orally - no ill effects. As for benefits; hard to say. I'm fairly healthy, in my 50's with no chronic conditions to complain of. I don't feel old though, just a tad crazy. I feel good!
    Please accept my apology for accidentally deleting your post. This means I lost your image of the monatomic gold.

    Manna is monatomic platinum group noble metals. This solves mysteries around the "turquoise" mines near Hathor Temple. Google Earth "Serabit al Khadim". I have a great book too by Flinders PETRIE - Researches in Sinai:

    Thanks for sharing your findings here. How are your daydreams? If you don't mind me asking?

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    My daydreams? They're fine I would say. As a kid sometimes my teachers report would say things like "Lorne would be a great student if he didn't spend so much time daydreaming." Sometimes I nod off mid-afternoon and find myself dreaming. I guess that's not a daydream though.

    I did read some of that Petrie book online. Very interesting.

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    No problem. Here it is...

    Name:  C60oo.jpg
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    For now, I am calling my invention the:

    Loaded Buckeyball Nanoparticle Pump.

    This fellow summarizes the "capture" loading the buckeyballs nicely.

    Endohedral MetalloFullerones. Maybe it will be renamed EMF Pump.

    P.S. Changed my mind... meaning I might change it again, or back.

    Doped Carbon 60 Nanoparticle Pump.
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    Somebody inquired how to relate Dan WINTER's work with shungite tektite mineraloid pendants. After all, I extracted his graphic of the ratcheted dodecahedra to demonstrate how there is a turn of DNA inside every buckeyball. I want to lubricate your process because this will be a Stretch, coming up:

    To avoid cognitive dissonance, a stepping stone.

    Remember while reading that the Bible to me, at the moment is a story about genetic engineering. One should come to the startling realization that the Patriarch of the Jewish people was Senusret II, or maybe III according to Genesis of the Grail Kings and the Stone Edition of the Tenach both. From GARDNER:

    So the best they could do for Him was to create this race of kingly beings... They (Anunnaki) had a feeding process which they called the Tree of Knowledge, and the Tree of Life... Behold the Man has become like one of Us... This is what perpetuated it (the Bloodline) into Egypt (Abram gifted Sarai's womb to Pharoah in return for 77 years eternal life, and 35 for Sarai)... The Anunnaki knew that Mankind would have to take care of his own destiny.
    The Anunnaki had developed a giant stature and expanded brain capacity through use of 6-carboxytetrahydropterin, the Lucy hormone for growing skeletal tissue. The working class these "gods" had created were capable of perpetuated propagation but the Anunnaki had great trouble because fashioning a healthy baby this way is quite an ordeal, in itself, but propagating it requires incest, as you hear GARDNER explain in the few minutes of video linked.

    What does this have to do with charge compression (creating gravity) according to Dan?

    Something you might not know, or may have forgotten is that I invented the SD Card. I am not interested in convincing you so just pretend for a moment that I believe it is so. The ferroelectric I utilized, potassium nitrate (saltpeter) exhibits a simple delta Q, a change or compression in charge of the crystalline structure of the simple molecule. This is the mechanism by which any "1" or "0" is stored for reading. The amount of charge necessary to switch the crystals between the wires reads while writing and thus prepares new information... The key to understanding my point related to Dan and his wonderful research is that this charge compression comes and goes from and into this dimension through states of bliss.

    This is how I invented Artificial Intuition in early 2028. The Loaded Carbon 60 Nanoparticle Pump arced directly into the third ventricle provides superconductive communications for most of the moon cycle between hemispheres of the brain as nutrition in the cerebrospinal fluid. Inversely, the doped DNA (telomeres on the ends) learns the prayers, the thoughts, going on between the emotions and scientific logic before being released by the full moon into the chakras - the endocrine system.

    The more striking Gift Dan brings to the table, for me, is his ability to display graphically the mathematics.

    They even blacklisted for all time, the heretical writings of Merlin... Look around the 49 Minute Mark.

    Look up top - Merlin! And above that on the outside of the window, if you have been there you know is the Dragon!

    I will develop Dan's gifts more, regarding the charting of bliss. For now, this post will leave you to comprehend slowly where the change of charge goes, and inversely comes from, when we alter the data silos and server farms upon all the gold in Ft Knox, now in the Sovereign and Independent City of London. The wiring used for the communications - as is the doped DNA in my third ventricle.

    This is that same (interdimensional) charge compression Dan speaks of in terms of bliss.

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    This slide show accesses Dan's 2018 research into blissful charge compression (gravity creation/Creation). I believe this is cartography and geometry that describes what Dan has to say about DNA repair, albeit he is describing health as bliss.

    There are five Cube Sum Number Locks (CSNL) on the number line. This will remain a mystery why, I am sure, but I utilized this property/law for inventing Artificial Intuition. Defeating public key encryption through a fast RSA factoring algorithm relied on solving the mystery. The reaction dispelled the illusion that debt can support currency, and especially its extension, that debt is sustainable. Now as you realize the end of the SDR, the measure of social conditioning to blindly endorse private credit from the local central bank, you equip yourself with the key to solve the mystery presented.

    Name:  kissing pine cones.jpg
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    I enjoy Dan's projection - kissing pine cones. I keep a few pine cones in my car to help with lane changing especially. Perhaps the pentagram of the Five Cube Sum Number Locks will be more helpful in the dodecahedron. In two-D though:

    2,520 is the lowest common denominator of the digits 1-9 so we exclude double-digits to negate prime number 407, as it is divisible by 11. It is the relationships between the CSNL that determined speed of solving for the prime addends cracking public key encryption - central banking security. The world had to break through into honor and honesty. Armored cars had to transport secured bills again. Vaults were again filled with valuables and lawful money. Substitution was reversed as substance.

    Don't let that passage throw you please. We are talking about DNA memory - and the starfire was passed through mitochondrial DNA but the trickery is patriarchal monotheism and commercial priestcraft. The disease is "sin" through its emotional content - guilt. Plenty of cures out there if you have bank. But they only last until Sunday's passing of the collection plate.

    Fibonacci plays important in the thirteenth ratchet of dodecahedra. That is the next octave - twelve keys to the next octave...

    Name:  dodecahedron colors.png
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    I wish that I had a better resolution on that image. I want to read the smaller print. But this is literally how we "see" and I enjoy watching and blending the primary colors in selenite crystals.

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    Dan's gift to me is that I can comprehend the fabrication of gravity in the human form:

    So by extension we can finally understand how the buckyball, with a complete twist of the double helix will demonstrate occlusions, or deviations at the activated regions for building specific cells, depending on the starfire impregnated into these same buckyballs. In the demonstration here, the five colors originate from the facets of the dodecahedron.

    Dan's gift is to be able to generate the math in graphical form.

    Can you see it now?

    With Mary (Mother) being out of Egypt, and Archelaus HEROD being Idumean, Jesus was truly a PENDRAGON. More amusing to the average Joe though, is GARDNER's comment - The Bible is actually right.
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