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Thread: Dreaming Carbon 60

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    Dreaming Carbon 60

    However, I do believe a thumbprint to be a signature of myself in the office of Man.
    The remedy is written for "member banks". Looking closely into MJ's post I see him making my point too, that the bank contacting your employer about you cluttering up the instrument being a "problem". It is better since you are growing through evolution, to get through to conscious understanding of your authority as a man, and to operate in your man-made artificial entity capacities comfortably.*

    Wake up child - release the light. Pnuema - Tool, Fear Inoculum.

    Like MJ also points out, tripping from bank to bank like girls at a dance was for his younger days. Now he simply must point his attention to other things of greater importance than his own edification. Same with you.*

    Therefore I will show you something about endorsement as true bill published through the United States on its own behalf. It looks like I am showing off but this demonstrates how law is law. Meaning you demonstrate that theory is consistently reproducible, and then find that it has been law all along:

    Name:  Doc 85 R4C on Evidence Dumpster_Page_33 s.jpg
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    Likely, it was emotional but the "judge" (deviant oath) felt it inappropriate to use PACER as conduit for indicting MNUCHIN and DAVIS, for potentially violating Thomas Edward's redemption. The Rule is that once a Doc is filed, you cannot simply "unfile" it. KAHN or STEWART in NY, maybe both understand and reversed the clerk decision:

    Name:  Doc 89 R4C Louis Alberto TRUMP 2 stamps_Page_01.jpg
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    Now, getting to my point. The clerk of court in Maryland returned the lawful money - Notice the USPS MO says "Pay to - " not "Pay to the Order of - "

    Name:  Doc 85 R4C on Evidence Dumpster_Page_35 s.jpg
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    The rejection (R4C) by the clerk is illegal. The suitor is redeemed. Same Doc - Page 1 Notice I cancel lawful money with my signature across the postage stamp. But as important, the stamp is within the border of the header. This is between me and the NY clerk.

    Name:  Doc 85 R4C on Evidence Dumpster_Page_01.jpg
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    The "judges" have been using this evidence dumpster since 2012! This is a true bill. But it has to be settled in a higher court. Therefore I pay both the Judicial Oversight in Budapest, and endorse the MO to the Dragon Court, registered there since 1408, but much more ancient than that.

    Name:  Doc 85 R4C on Evidence Dumpster_Page_37 s.jpg
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    Now the Dragon Court is paid the filing fee of $47. Endorsed by Castle Church. The $21 is filing fee for the Judicial Council while the $47 is the filing fee for its registered agent, the Dragon Court. Interestingly, the law is self-correcting and self-protecting. Theory becomes law as a mental state.*

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    Here is a Key that will help.

    Name:  Mark of Cain Dragon Court 72_Page_1.jpg
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    Name:  Mark of Cain Dragon Court 72_Page_2.jpg
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    There are 72 reticulations on that serpent/dragon. Recall the best new Standard for the Table of Relative Weights is Germanium 72, and do not forget the TETRAGRAMMATON is the 72-Fold Angelic Name of God.
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    Redemption in Unity - make the two One - 31-Nov-2019 by MJ

    The following was written to a student in the Lawful Money Trust Forums. I hope it sheds some light on the Upper and Lower meanings of redemption.

    Let's study redemption a bit further. Stretching the "tent chords" of your consciousness realize that when the Scripture says "with ONE BLOOD" made He all nations" that one blood is consciousness! So we are all connected in Divine Mind but let's go further shall we? Metaphysically speaking when the term Jesus Christ is used in Scripture it does not necessarily refer to a man. Resurrecting one's mind, one will come to the realization that Jesus Christ is the standard, the ensign, the guide on. Therefore Jesus Christ is the perfect ideal of man in God. And further Jesus Christ is the Wisdom and the Power of God.

    Knowing that we are all connected and notice that Jesus Christ is "the Son of Man" we can now go further into redemption. For it is written "that just as Moses raised the Serpent on the Brass staff in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up! So then, we now see that Jesus Christ is the Son of Man. Please do not slip down into the physical world here. We are referring to redemption. So now that the foundation is laid we can go to the crux:

    John 12:32 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

    The great book of John is a highly metaphysical mystical writing - as it is written to the illuminated mind about to enter into Christ consciousness. In fact, John is the Crown of Scripture. "Son behold thy Mother, Mother behold thy Son." But here we now see in verse 32 the Son of Man lifted up. In Genesis [or we can even say RE-Genesis] we see that the Heavens and the Earth are being shaped, formed, created continuously [with Wisdom]. The Heaven is the Inner Man and the Earth is the Outer Man. The Outer Man refers to Flesh Consciousness or that which is in Enmity against God [Romans 8:7-9].

    Let's not stray too far from v32. Notice that ALL MEN will be drawn unto Me. Actually the word "men" is added. But All means All so it is not incorrect to say Men it only limits the thought to mankind. But this is very important. BECAUSE, this means all of Mankind are ALREADY redeemed! Please refer to Isaiah 52:3.

    In other words, it is just our own limiting Earthly consciousness which is restricting our growth! We are limiting ourselves. So then it can easily be seen that our outer worldly experience is actually a function of our conscious activity in mind. I now see that I may have what I desire by going into my prayer closet and "seeing my world redeemed" - bringing my emotion into the imagination, I also raise my five senses from the dead state of earthly consciousness into the Upper Room of Life. I stand as Judah with the Scepter in Praise. It is finished!

    Pilate may stand before Me and ask "what is Truth" and this is humorous, because my Truth (regarding redemption) is borne of my own Spiritual experience manifest in the physical world. Else it is someone else's Truth shared or witnessed unto Me. Pilate or the Governor [the central Ego in Man] strives to keep his office in consciousness; however, he is stripped of his power, when Spirit comes on the scene! I AM redeemed.

    The difference is in action - either one is passive and reacting to circumstances or one is forging circumstances in his/her redeemed world. See now redemption in Divine Mind when one comes to unity consciousness in Jesus Christ - If I be lifted up, I will draw ALL unto Me. The message is simple but very hard sometimes to receive and it is this: My world is my consciousness pushed out and reflecting back unto Me. This reality is difficult to accept because that means all the bad in my world is actually happening in my own consciousness.

    The one called Jesus [the Spiritual I AM] relates "the Kingdom of God is within you." You are "a Son of Man" and you are "a Son of God". If you wish to further explore these concepts, I do a Sunday night talkshoe from 8-10pm EST - Divine Mind Group. You can go back and listen to episodes 527-531 at your convenience. The formula of creation Yod-He-Vav-He is explored in detail including how to pray in the Power and the Wisdom of God.

    You may find those shows at the following link: Divine Mind Group - Community Call

    Furthermore, you are invited to attend these shows either online or by phone.

    Divine Mind Group's Community Call

    Dial: +1 605-562-0444 Show ID: 83169

    Talks about the mind, body, and soul.

    We each receive unto ourselves the bounty of our own inner conversation. Now, then regarding redemption, notice that a certain Spiritual Law must be adhered unto and "as above, so below" we can see in man's created legal fictions that redemption is too related unto man's person. Never do you interface in the office of Man - rather you move a token person on the board of State. If you identify yourself with the fingerprint of your physical body, then you identify with a person and this is flesh consciousness - Esau or a Man of the Field. I admit that these concepts are advanced, but I trust with work and experience you will come to see that your intellect is as a drunkard in relation to your Spirit.

    I hope that you also come to see that the State is not separate of God. God is Unity [One - the Shema]. The State and all its persons reside in God [Acts 17:28]. I withdraw with the following written to Zerubbabel [one born into confusion] :

    Zec 4:6 Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.

    Zec 4:7 Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it.

    Hag 2:23 In that day, saith the LORD of hosts, will I take thee, O Zerubbabel, my servant, the son of Shealtiel, saith the LORD, and will make thee as a signet: for I have chosen thee, saith the LORD of hosts.

    We are all Zerubbabel which means "seed of confusion] as in we are all born into a state of confusion or born in the Darkness of ignorance, but when we come out into the Light of Day [Truth], who can stand against one who operates in the perfect liberty of Love in accord with "do unto others as ye would have done unto yourself?" We trust you can easily see how We have not gone off unto some unrelated tangent. We have merely lifted up the lower level understanding into that which is much, much higher! Let Us make Man in our own Image! Do you understand now?

    To our success,
    Michael Joseph am I.
    The blessing is in the hand of the doer. Faith absent deeds is dead.

    Lawful Money Trust Website

    Divine Mind Community Call - Sundays 8pm EST

    ONE man or woman can make a difference!

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    I sure enjoy reading your lessons.

    The tuning of forward and reverse spin electrons enables the duatomic exotic matter to act in unison.

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    Dear David, I try my best to avoid asking questions when I can find the answer myself. that said I noticed you mentioned carbon 60 the other day and wonder if there is a brand you have tried and think was worth it? I am looking to try some myself to help my condition. Best
    From the brain trust.

    Good and Cheap, as found pictured. I read up and so long as they are telling the truth, by buying in bulk they duplicate the Baati Study that doubled the lifetime of lab rats with the C60 content as strong as possible as soluble. They filter it through a 2u filter by vacuum so that you only have soluble buckyballs.

    They mention the Baati Study in this YouTube Video:

    P.S. Please understand that I am not a medical professional. By undertaking the risks of pioneering with your body as a test laboratory you might suffer permanent damage to your health. Myself, I believe true plasticity includes restructuring pyramidal neuron architectures (memory) and even accessing heritage. This is likely even easier to accomplish with the intuitive functions in the right hemisphere and stomach/intestines, lined with pyramidal neurons as well.

    An example coming to mind is citing the Patroon Charter on the August 13, 2001 Bill of Exchange that cured Judgment September 11, 2001 - 30 Days Later. This was to the day, 371 years after the Patent for my ancestor on my mother's side, Killian Von RENSSELLAER.

    I know, to you this may be coincidence. Or that I fabricated strategy in timing. I say they are the same thing and both. Coinciding the record (history) and timing (physics) to form an optimal collapse of infinite information requires not only talent, but a certain amount of faith.

    In this I feel that I have managed risk well when I step out there with buckyballs on my Doped Carbon 60 Nanoparticle Pump.
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    One thing I have noticed while taking the buckyballs (Carbon 60) ... my dreams at night seem a bit more realistic or vivid. And once I spoke a complete sentence while dreaming, according to my wife; something unusual for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lorne View Post
    One thing I have noticed while taking the buckyballs (Carbon 60) ... my dreams at night seem a bit more realistic or vivid. And once I spoke a complete sentence while dreaming, according to my wife; something unusual for me.
    My video opens a big variety of subjects about health and the Bible. Your post speaks of melatonin and dopamine, dimethyltryptamine inducing a vivid dream and low dopamine as a muscle paralyzer allowed limited motor activity - sleeptalking. I could be just getting started with the videos. I think my sound track may be redone so to the video is only an introduction.

    What I am getting at is how decalcifying the pineal gland of all the pathological mulberry accretions removes a Faraday Cage from the more delicate electronics within the cellular tissues. - The piezoelectric hearing audio device for listening to the divine symphony and cosmic orchestrations.

    This brings about a new level of fluoride 'dumbing down'.

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    I made a fresh video of the nanoparticles. There is no heat so it is not smoke. The elite shungite is a high percentage of carbon 60.

    The wisps show how the nanoparticles are attracted to each other. But something unusual is the carbon 60 always comes toward me, attracted to my hands, body and especially my nose.
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    Tell 'em about the dream David.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcel View Post
    Tell 'em about the dream David.
    The Dream is that well-intentioned doctors will stop trying to put out the fire with gasoline. Feel the venom in our words when we speak of conquest. Understanding our fear is so much more passive than working up the courage to defeat our fear.

    Redemption includes peaceable reentry into the original estate.

    P.S. The Dream leaves such use of fearful buzzwords like Hydrogel, Transfection and Luciferace behind, on the battlefield and theater of war - simply disconnect from any desire to win. Simply understand redemption and you are off the battlefield.
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