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Thread: Two Name Paper- Federal Reserve Notes

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    Two Name Paper- Federal Reserve Notes

    Two Name Paper
    A two name paper is a nickname assigned to a legal agreement for the purposes of a trade paper acceptance. Both trade acceptances and banker's acceptances can be called a two name paper. In order to bear this name, these instruments must carry two signatures, one for the drawer of the paper and one for the endorser of the paper, typically an accepter and a banker. Because two signatures are required, a two name paper is also sometimes referred to as a double-name paper.
    When a trade acceptance occurs with a draft that has both the issuer and the receiver’s signatures on it, it is considered a two name paper. Two name papers for trade acceptances are different than typical loaning agreements because they are generally drawn up on behalf of the seller, not the receiver. The two name paper stipulates that the seller will be paid back. If a note is drawn up by the buyer, it is typically called a promissory note, when the buyer is taking out a loan and promising to give it back.

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    Thank you Gavilan;

    I love this website because of so many things to learn here!

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    You are welcome, my pleasure reallyName:  twoname-1.jpg
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    They were planing on taking out the U.S. Notes.
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    "There is a mechanism by which you can put the IRS on notice that your earnings last year (and the year before that, etc.) are not federally connected*, and the money withheld due to a misunderstanding of the law should be returned to you. (You must be willing to accept payment by check.) The forms are provided on the IRS website. Form 1040 is the primary method to make your valid claim."

    -Willie Shields

    * as suitors we know this to include use of the commercial paper known as Federal Reserve credit.
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    Mighty fine thread here, Gavilan.

    Kudos to you.

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