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    Greetings suitors;

    I have been discussing the Federal Reserve and banking with Ricardo Miguel. He has shared his dissertation from 2013, the centennial of the Federal Reserve Act. And I am passing that on to you with a couple items that will help round things out:

    1. Rick's dissertation (attached)
    2. Abolish the Fed procedure including my video
    3. Special Drawing Rights - Public Law 94-564 and Bretton Woods Agreement

    These three items,

    1. establish the need to abolish the Fed
    2. describe how abolishing the Fed is designed into the law (remedy)
    3. define how central banking has sprawled globally - SDR valuation, making it difficult to see thru the mask (debt) to the solution

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    A Very Stable Genius

    One tends to fall into the Einstein rendition of Genius. Genealogy is a valid root. TRUMP is Bloodline. Through incest the Bloodline has become unstable. TRUMP could not give a rat's ass what people think of him so long as people think that he cares what people think of him - ergo the tweeting dumbshit and Nancy's dinner theater. It is all a show with one objective - leave TRUMP to rule by Executive Order.

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