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Thread: vaccine for COVID-19 natural and safe

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    Reprogramming Changes the Human Story

    This image is on my mind, especially being the inventor of the Doped Carbon 60 Nanoparticle Pump.

    Name:  MIT BROAD INSTITUTE Programmable Targeting Sequence Tale 142 fits nicely.jpg
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    In short this means that Tale 142 is woven into Sequence 832, the transcript for the MATRIX (maternal reproductive organs and prostrate/testicles) where it is found in the spike protein antigens of COVID-19 or similar adenovirus mimicry.

    I have attached the Doc and current WIPO targeting sequence application for you to get the gist for yourselves.


    Being an inventor I key the USPTO and WIPO (UN). In summary the Human Story is primarily rewritten at MIT through The Broad Institute. Tale 142 is spliced into Sequence 832 of the Human Story through the chimeric (mouse) reprogrammable spike protein antigen NAV (Nucleic Acid Vaccine). Forget about nanobot bioweaponry - that is a misinterpretation of material science. Think resonance:

    Name:  resonant transformers on computer.jpg
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    The "vaccine" spreads through resonance. And resonance is in this alteration of the legend.
    So enjoy the reading material. Even what you don't understand consciously can save your life these days.

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    Precision v Accuracy

    I like to simplify the articulation to one word - teratogenicity. As causing birth defects, including infertility. Melinda has a certain right to judge. Otherwise who can accuse a man of murdering people who never were?

    Name:  Unified Self-Interest Systems precision v accuracy.jpg
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    They call the Culling, by scientific rationale.

    Name:  teratogenicity in the protocol.jpg
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    There it is, in our faces! We just kept the WOCBP out of the mix - Women of Child Bearing Potential.

    The only way to early 2028, Artificial Intuition was to begin the Culling in 2021.

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    Breaking Out the Indictment

    I have served The Sisterhood.

    Name:  PFIZER NAV Protocol mRNA vaccine_Page_001.jpg
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Size:  116.3 KBName:  PFIZER NAV Protocol mRNA vaccine_Page_039.jpg
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    Sentence is positive indictment of genocidal depopulation. However the law does not provide for Culling by no conception interception, especially when couples are intentionally being reckless:

    Therefore, the use of a highly effective method of contraception is required.
    Name:  PFIZER NAV Protocol mRNA vaccine_Page_133.jpg
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Size:  185.2 KBName:  PFIZER NAV Protocol mRNA vaccine_Page_134.jpg
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    The grammar exposes that even if a woman is otherwise unhealthy, as long as she is not a WOCBP (Woman of Child Bearing Potential) the "Investigator" is to allow her into the study because she cannot generate any teratogenicity datum that will slur the "vaccine".

    For individuals with permanent infertility due to an alternate medical cause other than the above, (eg. mullerian agenesis, androgen insensitivity), investigator discretion should be applied to determining study entry.

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    NEBUCHADNEZZAR's convolution

    The technology of Yithro - Jethro - as the Lord of the Vulcans (metallurgy) is conveyed by parable. Most do not recognize the sulfur furnace and the purpose of castrating Daniel, Hananiah, Azuriah and Mishael. But once you familiarize yourself with the holographic patterns the story comes forth. The clairvoyant Israelites, after taming Canaan, were cultivated for seventy years in Babylon and genetically bred into the image of Nebuchadnezzar, Darius and Cyrus. The Three Kings.

    Jesus born of a (vestal) virgin is the genetic engineering of the new King of Kings - PENDRAGON.

    So from above we articulate the Tale 142 being wrapped (spliced) into Sequence 832 of the spike protein NAV. From my vaccine:

    Name:  Doc 15 Notice of US Patent #11,999,999_Page_60-1.jpg
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    There we examine carbon 60 transition metallofullerenes protecting the DNA with chakra-coherent signals.

    This time, we cull the stupid and gullible. With the population so devastating to the future of Spaceship Earth, it makes much more sense to simply smear the carbon 60 in beeswax salve on my testicles and recreate humanity in my own image - truly I AM THAT I AM.

    Name:  bachelor of month 001.jpg
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    Name:  bachelor 001.jpg
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    My harem of 120,000 women is a good start.

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