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Thread: vaccine for COVID-19 natural and safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    I have been pondering this for meaning.

    1. 315 has the same digits as 153
    2. Pi x 113 is 315 as a whole number?

    Good grief. A type on my part. Yes, I see now in the comments should have been 355/113.

    So if a disk has a radius of Z and a thickness of A then the Volume of the disk would be Pi ZZ A. Now you know the rest of the story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Joseph View Post
    Good grief. A type on my part. Yes, I see now in the comments should have been 355/113.

    So if a disk has a radius of Z and a thickness of A then the Volume of the disk would be Pi ZZ A. Now you know the rest of the story.
    Indeed, too much math after pizza! Or in my case pasta pesto.

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    Radical Responsibility

    On and for the behalf of the living.

    Name:  Doc 23 Certificate of Service to the FDA_Page_08.jpg
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    Here is an interesting report about the health of our military.

    Name:  Doc 23 Certificate of Service to the FDA_Page_27.jpg
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    Monstrous Babies

    You be careful before you look. Think about whether you want these images in your head.

    It may have been the strategy to make this about abortion rather than the NAV. So that it might get out there better. This is obviously miscarriage due to overtly mutated endometrial injury. It was expected because of Page 39 of the Safety Protocol, earlier mentioned. Teratogenicity is 'causing birth defects' and the Phase I-II-III Safety Study excluded women of childbearing potential.

    The story accompanying the video is that the day before the camera crew stole one of the boxes from an energy truck at another abortion clinic. My perspective was formed around Dr Carrie MADEJ's findings of LEGION so I asked her for comment about teratogenicity and she referred me to Dr Mark BUSH, attached. I inquired of BUSH if he had encountered any healthy babies from NAV inoculated mothers. No reply. I asked Dr Daisy ROBINTON (also attached) if she still felt the same way about he NAV, especially for pregnant women? No reply.

    It makes a lot of sense that the energy companies are grabbing the calories from bio-waste.

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    Verification of Efficacy in My Genome

    The consistency is profound. Every polymorphism (mutation) is in my favor, being resistant to SPI (Spike Protein Injury) with every lack of polymorphism also being in my favor. Also the few mutations that are dependent upon blood type to determine "good" or "bad" are in my favor with blood type O Positive.

    Being a student of quantum computing this is very interesting that I have actually altered a very plastic landscape called genome. The other timelines are forgotten, I guess - the ones where I died in fear of COVID-19. Now, I am convinced that COVID is nothing more than a head cold that can work into a cough. It is the spike protein that is the pathogen. The spike protein is what gains attraction and entry to the ACE 2 receptors in the alveoli, the little air sacs in the lungs where the oxygen/carbon dioxide transfer takes place. By changing the surfactant level plasma floods the little sacs bringing on pneumonia. And still people inject boosters to assure that they have trillions of spike proteins floating free in their veins and arteries, pumping through their hearts.

    Looking at the reality of this, it makes sense that the genome in its fullness is Me, as a direct and true reflection. So as I developed immunity it came about in my genome as my genome becomes me. So thinking of it any other way is to be trapped in time as a delusion.

    Name:  Spike Protein Injury Inquiry_Page_01.jpg
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    Shedding on the Little People

    I am planning upon my geopolitical social engineering platform, coined - brain trust.

    Over the weekend a family I am close to got together for a play date, around the Star, a four-year old girl. The entire family is inoculated by mRNA Spike Protein and suffering SPI injury. The very next day, our Star came down with COVID symptoms and tested positive by Wednesday.

    I have been procrastinating about inoculating my hoard of oroxylum indicum seeds. This got me into gear.

    Name:  inoculum oroxylum indicum seeds May 25 2023.jpg
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    Open the image in a New Tab.

    This medical doctor is finding that close exposure to transhumans delivers the same payload in coagulated hydrogel. I believe that our Star has not contracted COVID-19 but rather she is suffering from Spike Protein Injury due to playing hard, wearing herself out exposed to pro-"vaccine" blood disease.

    When I asked her grandfather if she is inoculated, he replied regretfully, "No. She is too young." I feel that I have saved her life. In case that link fails, download the pdf.

    I have begun sending envelopes with 10-20 seeds to the suitors on the brain trust. Soon I will be mailing out seeds to nurseries and landscapers all over the world. The bats are suffering from an disease, white nose syndrome. It is a mold that grows on the walls of caves and gets into the sinuses of the bats while they hibernate. They draw enough stored energy that the bat awakens early before there is any insect activity and while it is still cold outside. So they starve and die of exposure.

    Without the bats there is nothing stopping insects and spiders from overrunning the ecosystem. So my plan is to give the bats an alternative food source.

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