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Thread: vaccine for COVID-19 natural and safe

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    utilizing sweep

    My latest is to tickle the capsid, to create a living signal to the protein geometry that it is safely inside a host cell. The capsid operates as a Faraday cage muffling the Rife signet so now I can convince the capsid to disassemble, exposing the RNA.

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    There are both pentagonal and hexagonal geometries in the capsid's protiens. So as I get further into the math I will refine the tickle.

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    You may have caught on that the US CDC has stolen my invention of 2003. There is reference to a pending patent a couple weeks prior but that cannot be viewed. At the time the US and China were competing for genome patent rights and so I get it. When I informed China I already had a Document Disclosure protection in place the US of course knew. Thanks to the race for protein-specific genome this is now a precision science. Resource management comes naturally.

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    For Strategic Intelligence

    Anybody from Strategic Intelligence? Thank you for reading this far!

    We might as well utilize the 5G phone while it is on the table.

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    brain trust crosstalk

    I want to tell you all how much I appreciate you. Every one of you.

    Dear Suitors;

    Redemption is by far the ultimate goal - and I mean redemption of the mind. As I read the Sumerian history, behind and prior to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt we encounter a story proving the Bible account an encrypted parable. There are two significant chapters;

    1. Nebuchadnezzar captured the Temple Mount in a genetic cloning project between the Israelites, Darius and Cyrus (Persia and Babylon).
    2. Paul was early British royalty and as Caractacus became EUBULUS, captured by Rome and forced Great Britain to become a vassal state, Paul became envoy with his Roman citizenship and was chased home. The journey took some five years as Paul invented Roman protective custody. This doctrine manifests today where we have in even criminal cases, special rules under Roman civil law.

    There are some things royalty has to offer in awakening; quickening this redemption to fruition. To better understand redemption one might best go get your stamp and start using it for your signature. The redemption of lawful money and ownership responsibility exercise a certain plasticity of neural activity that quickens spice. Potassium iodide daily for many years (80 mg/day) has decalcified the mulberry concretions around my pineal gland.

    Many people have little understanding of a Faraday cage and how it quiets radio signals by shielding whatever is inside. Myeloconia (brain dust) is similar to the piezoelectric otoconia in our ears that can detect minute acceleration and deceleration. Now this same organic calcite has been discovered to be naturally in the pineal gland too. Years of fluoride in the water and toothpaste grows a layer of calcite around the pineal gland and this functions like a Faraday shield that keeps the pineal gland from harmonizing with the divine orchestrations of cosmic symphony.

    Shortly afterward Fukushima convinced me to start cleansing my thyroid regularly with potassium iodide. There are alternatives like kelp and more metabolic forms of iodine so be careful and remember that I am not very scientific, developing my intuitive powers out of my intuitive powers like this.

    My point this witching hour is about another Faraday cage. You can download or watch the video of the Rife signet designed to disrupt COVID-19 RNA and I am sure believing it disinfects your home will assist it doing so. These audio signals are a far cry from the natural resonant frequencies and the digits at the right end of even the best scientific calculators turn up inaccuracies as we divide octaves. Additionally, because of the speed of light being slower in living tissue, causing diffraction of the light disinfecting COVID-19 in living tissue requires different frequencies than it would in air. The capsid is a conductive repetitive protein chain shaping an icosahedron. This capsid serves the RNA inside as a protective shell.

    If you have nothing else, simply wrap earbuds around your phone while on a call. Play the signet and it will be carried on the cell phone radiation throughout your home and bodily tissues. The higher the frequency (5G) the better because it has more energy and penetration.

    Lately I have been "tickling the capsid" in the disinfection process. First I was only disrupting the protein but now I sweep the frequencies around that convincing the capsid it is inside an energetic host cell and it is time to release the RNA for replication. By fooling the capsid into thinking it is in live cytoplasm it falls apart during bombardment of the Rife signet, devitalizing the RNA of the COVID-19.

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    If you find this level of physics difficult to comprehend consciously know that you are part of the brain trust. This means that you should relax and enjoy glancing it over. Feel joy and you will reap the benefit of the conjuration:

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    These figures are from very early in the day yesterday. China fell under a wrathful attack when I cured them of COVID-19 a few weeks ago so Russia has been starting the day with above six thousand new cases and a proportional amount of new deaths. The stratagem is key in the upcoming Reelection.
    I have uploaded the 10-minute signet video to YouTube so that you can apply it around the house. Wrap the earbuds around your phone while on a call. Play the video for 10 minutes and the signet shape (complex waveform) will devitalize any COVID-19 virus around your home, maybe blocks. Your phone has AGC (automatic gain control) so its power will depend on how far you are from the nearest cell tower. Also the power level will depend on GHz or 4G, 5G etc.

    Notice that each signet frequency is loaded one hertz off right to left on stereo. This causes the sound to shut on and off with the speakers near each other. You cannot hear it with stereo speakers until you point the speakers directly at one another. Harmonic amplification and cancellation at 1 Hz. Be careful not to have your volume up when you start the video. The sound is annoying and may startle you and others if it comes on loudly.

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    responsive crosstalk

    This came up from the brain trust:

    Hi Dave,

    Hope this finds you well.

    I will be your test case...I received my results for Covid test today and I'm positive.

    So far what I can say about having it is "really, that's what all the fuss is about!"?

    I had all the symptoms but very mildly. I still have no taste and smell and little sniffles so I listened to your signet a few times. Not sure it's my imagination, but I felt my nose instantly clear.

    So, I just tricked my husband to listen to it once. He would be the ultimate test. He is really sick with all the symptoms today, and no doubt got it from me. (He is one of those science only guys that believe Tesla was mentally ill). That's why I had to trick him.

    I'll keep you posted.

    Have a great weekend.

    That makes sense but it sounds as though you are listening to the signet. What makes sense is that it will disinfect the surface of your eardrums for sure and maybe it will resonate through your nervous system in between your ears, effecting the cure of the COVID-19 in your sinuses. That is great feedback! Thanks.

    The inoculation is from wrapping the earbuds around your cell phone. Make a phone call while doing this so that the earbud wires are a coil around the GHz signal emitted by your phone. This will enable the signet to penetrate into all your bodily tissues while carrying the signet from the earbuds. It is an inductive coil; wrapping the earbud wire around the cell phone.

    The problem is when you make a call it stops the YouTube video. Any suggestions?

    I get it. Just play the YouTube video on your computer, not your phone. Or any mp4 video player like an android pad - or even wrap the earbud around your husband's phone while it is on a call while playing the video on your phone.
    I think I took a photograph...

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    Simpler still:

    Name:  signet on cell phone carrier.jpg
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    Here is a high resolution signet.

    I notice the Spooky 2 software uses:

    50.2 KHz, 33.4 KHz, 72.54 KHz, 30.537 KHz, 452.550 KHz, 509.750 KHz, 621.730 KHz and 900.4 KHz.

    These frequencies I use are in vivo - meaning they compensate for the speed of light in living tissue. This means that the inoculation is effective for a pneumonic patient in the ICU.

    846.93 898.73 775.00 1184.51 850.36 1371.31 1119.33 1368.20 1246.15 764.53 1219.29 1079.68 1369.76
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    Positive test means nothing.
    Here is a Kiwi testing positive.
    if the video is valid.

    I heard to not take the test because of nano participial on the swab that penetrate the brain.

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    And there is this
    HSE Finally Admit That Covid19 Has Not Been Scientifically Proven To Exist

    I can't get Covid because I don't believe in it. Its that simple.

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    Austrian Lawmaker Tests Coca Cola for COVID Infection Before His Colleagues and Drink Tests Positive

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    I have been studying from much better sources than chat rooms and social media - like here for instance. And I tend to agree with you Walter. Viruses live in a netherworld between living and dead. After reading most of The Invisible Rainbow it becomes clear that the entire material universe is a very complex signal of reproducible vibration that perpetuates through DNA in genome.

    Here we hear a Christian pastor capitalizing on it to frighten the flock about a judgment call - demonic and occult.

    One thing about a virus is that it has a will to survive, maybe more pure in instinct that we do as humans.

    Since 2000 we have seen several patents develop and even a specific executive order promoting innovative methods to detect coronavirus quickly and reliably. So it may be that some of the inventions are flops, or need refinement.

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    Vaccine Stratagem

    Here is an informative article about how vaccines work.

    This is the same as my vaccine but my invention is much safer. For example Pfizer's vaccine depends on a severe temperature chain all the way to the patient. What is not mentioned except in my vaccine is that going above that temperature is more likely to render a contagious new virus strain than to render the vaccine inert. -90° F is a difficult temperature to maintain throughout fabrication, storage and distribution so we will find out for sure soon.

    Here is a photo from the linked article.

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    Now you might better understand how the antenna utilized for distribution filters out the electrical pollution, in conjunction with the Van Allen Belt.

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