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Thread: It is all about ARC/ARK

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    It is all about ARC/ARK

    As in Ark of the Covenant.

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    Dear James LOGAN;

    I am the inventor of the COVID-19 Vaccine and am writing you because you manage a facility that can inoculate a large portion of humanity. ARCTEC fits the linguistics perfectly as Arc/Ark and the monatomic transition metals integral to augmentations of the invention are the byproduct and work product of ancient healing modalities.

    I have attached US Patent #10,999,999 and photos of a significant improvement in design. I will help you execute the cure if you would like.

    Thank you for your attention.

    David Merrill.
    I harvested people from several pages. Mostly the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for an article they contributed to Strategic Intelligence. I included World Economic Forums and the Pioneers of Change parliament officers too.
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    A CLOUD by day. A PILLAR OF FIRE by night.

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    Pointed upwards, the Tabernacle roofing was rolled back so that the arcing and manna were projected up and rained down on the Israelites. See how if the roof material is removed the walls will project the arc lighting upward into the cloud, that is seen by day? In the morning there will be a thin coating of manna (monatomic gold and other transition metals), just like it says.

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