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    Electrical Hearing

    I have found a terrific distribution antenna, right under my nose!

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    So you might get how it functions I will describe how my thinking was clouded by the Council of Trent. This is how the irrevocable trust became, "For the Redemption of the Office BISHOP" too. The distortions of the two Creation stories found in the Book of Genesis. There are two distinct clonings - one Neanderthal to Cro Magnon about 35K years back, and one Cro Magnon to Homosapien about 6K years back. Both have been mixed into scripture and can be parsed out correctly now that we understand how to read the Sumerian, Egyptian and Babylonian records.

    The underlying point to keep in mind is why would the enlightened communities spend all that metallic gold building up a supply of manna? This is the "hidden manna" in the Book of Revelation.

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    The Council of Trent so I hear is when the Pope finally relented that we were entering the "Age of Science" by declaring all things of heaven belonged to the Church (POPE = BISHOP of Rome) and all things of the world belonged to men of science. Electricity and all things of physics that are not material were relegated to God, the POPE or to demonic magic. Most important is that the Pope has been in charge of the Square Mile (City of London) as well, including the metal gold stored there, as well as the International Bar Association - all relegated Middle Temple.

    My answer to the Question - the powder gold was cached there for the enlightenment of humanity. It was hidden too well. So that Flinders PETRIE destroyed the entire stash in 1904 mistaking it for wood ash.

    Metal gold has served nothing for us until this recent electronic age. Now we depend heavily on conductive traces of gold for all those unseen server farms and data silos that make the Internet and cell phones possible. But for millennia mankind was misled into thinking that metal gold had the value when it is what we get from the metal gold that contains the real value - manna is monatomic gold.

    Monatomic gold contains a collateral Meisner Field. It operates interdimensional charge compression as exotic matter.

    My dependence on gold metals became obvious when I began thinking that Jim's sphere atop the Castle would never be functional because it is firmly grounded like a lightning rod. The foundation of the Castle digs twelve feet into the gravel and is rooted in the granite bedrock. Reading The Invisible Rainbow; The History of Electricity and Life opened my eyes.

    The entire earth is circulating electrical information embedded in the fairly static polarity of "north" and "south". The cellular electron transport chains of coded information that BOSE spoke of are simply a model. BOSE depicted the CODE in how over 2,000 chloroplasts, in dim light will get together to convert one carbon dioxide molecule into one free oxygen molecule. This model impresses me - how different chloroplasts will talk with each other in dim light to harvest the energy anyway.

    The book Invisible Rainbow paints a bleak picture indeed and so I know in my heart it is wrong. The future is very bright. I see it now. But the information is very useful to comprehend the solution to the doom and gloom.

    Love drives all engines. Fear is nothing more than an illusion.

    So the stones grounding the antenna are loaded with love - not only Jim's intention of producing wonderful art, but all the families enjoying him doing so. The towers carry these signals, filtering all the fearful noise and "contamination" up into the air where they are transmitted into the ionosphere and even out into space circulating through the Van Allen Belt and back again into the earth. The antenna is simply a Faraday cage where the signet and COVID-19 vaccine can be inoculated into all the earth. COVID-19 Vaccine US Patent #10999999.pdf

    David Merrill.

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    Developing the thread...

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    I awakened my ultrasonic hearing by pouring Carbon 60 olive oil (BAATI formula from Good and Cheap) into my ears before bedtime. I warn you that I do not know how to turn it off.

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    That is okay, speaking for myself. But I always like to know what is going on around me.

    I just bought one!

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    A human hair is approximately 80,000- 100,000 nanometers wide.
    A strand of human DNA is 2.5 nanometers in diameter.

    A single gold atom is about a third of a nanometer in diameter.

    I believe the smallest particles of gold you can buy is 2 nanometers in diameter:
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcel View Post
    A human hair is approximately 80,000- 100,000 nanometers wide.
    A strand of human DNA is 2.5 nanometers in diameter.

    A single gold atom is about a third of a nanometer in diameter.

    I believe the smallest particles of gold you can buy is 2 nanometers in diameter:
    You could be on to something Marcel. I think about it too. The behavior of the monatomic gold powder in the bottle, where I buy it suggests properties that I have never seen. One thing I notice that suggests nanoparticle or smaller refinement is that I will pull a puff of the powder from a coffee straw under my tongue. This clouds my mouth so that I can blow a "nanoparticle ring" as thick as if I were smoking a cigarette.

    Another nanoparticle I have noted is when I was drilling elite shungite making pendants. A portion of the black tektite falls like sawdust and a wisp smokes upward, without any heat from the carbide drill bit. Interestingly this invariably wisps up into my nose, even when I hold my breath. Like the Carbon 60 has a natural affinity toward my carbon based life form at my exposed sinus cavity.

    This video shows first my puffing monatomic gold and then the elite shungite nanoparticulate dust.

    Studying your link and the prices for duatomic gold I draw some conclusions. There are still gluons holding even two atoms of gold together and that is metallic. It keeps the melting point of gold metal. Monatomic gold does not melt back into metal gold. The second point is made by David HUDSON very clearly. He was mystifying the worlds physicists with a new type of gold - the alchemist's pure gold. It does nothing at the melting point of gold and vanishes from the tray at the boiling point of gold.

    I do not have the arcing technology or crucibles capable of achieving such temperatures. So I just enjoy reading David's patents (attached). There is something there and I find that the Meisner Fields in the third ventricle conjoin in superconductive DNA, which leads further into revelation and epiphany. Early rituals involving cannibalism - consuming the elderly in retirement - led to the gigantism and elongation of the brain pan. Artificial cloning of giant geniuses developed the Anunnaki who were revered as human gods.

    Not space aliens.

    Most other mysteries fall into place by understanding this key.

    Even with my respect for David HUDSON's work in exploring exotic matter, I think by your post that he might have spoken out a few blind alleys. Meaning that he led subsequent researchers like myself into trying to describe exotic matter in conventional terminology. It is akin to describing the Great Tao, with words. The full lecture is better than the 10 minute snippet, and Laurence GARDNER went out on a few limbs too.

    Speaking for myself I reap the rewards. I have no interest in convincing anybody so I am really not out on a limb here. I have no credibility as a scientist and I do not care. I am not a scientist because I experiment on my own brain and am probably perpetuating my own outcomes - then I publish these through brain trusts and am actually altering the state of physics. At least in between my ears.

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