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Thread: Electrical Pollution becomes Electrical Solution

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    Electrical Pollution becomes Electrical Solution

    Notice my morning coffee substitute.

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    A suitor wrote a lengthy text to me:


    Breaking News: Italy did a postmortem of dead corona patient, big revelation happened. Italy has become the first country in the world to perform an autopsy (postmortem) on a dead body from a COVID-19 and, after a comprehensive investigation, has discovered that the COVID-19 does not exist as a virus, but is a very large one. Is a global scam. People are actually dying due to "Amplified Global 5G Electromagnetic Radiation Poisoning. Doctors in Italy have violated World Health Organization law, which does not authorize autopsies (postmortem) on the bodies of people who have died from the coronavirus in order to find out after some kind of scientific discovery. It cannot be assumed that it is not a virus, but a bacterium that causes death, which causes blood clots to form in the veins, i.e. blood clots in the veins and nerves due to this bacterium and this is the patient. Causes the death of. Italy has beaten the virus, stating that, "There is nothing but phelia-intravascular coagulation (thrombosis) and the way to deal with it is to cure it. Antibiotic tablets, anti-inflammatory and taking anti-coagulants (aspirin) cures it. And indicating that a cure for the disease is possible, this sensational news for the world has been prepared by Italian doctors by autopsy (postmortem) of corpses from the COVID-19 virus. According to some other Italian scientists, ventilators and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) were never needed. Protocols for this have now been issued in Italy. China already knew about it but never made its report public. Please share this information with all your family, neighbors, acquaintances and friends, colleagues so that they can get out of the fear of COVID-19 and understand that this is not a virus at all but just a bacterium that is ixposed to 5G radiation. The cause is harming people who have very low immunity. This radiation also causes inflammation and hypoxia. Those who fall prey to this should take aspirin 100 mg - and Apronix or Paracemol 650 mg. Why...??? Because it has been shown that COVID-19 causes blood to clot. Which causes thrombosis to the person and due to which blood clots in the veins and due to this, the brain, heart and lungs cannot get oxygen due to which a person's breathing becomes difficult and a person dies quickly due to a shortness of breath. Doctors in Italy disobeyed WHO (World Health Organization) protocol and performed autopsies on corpses who died of COVID-19. Doctors opened the arms, legs and other parts of the body and after examining them properly, they noticed that the blood vessels were dilated and the veins were full of thrombi, which usually stops the blood from flowing. And also reduces the flow of oxygen into the body which causes the patient to die. After learning of this research, the Italian Ministry of Health immediately changed the treatment of COVID-19 and gave aspirin to its positive patients. 100 mg and started giving Empromax. As a result, the patients started recovering and their health started showing improvement. The Italian Ministry of Health discharged more that 14K patients in a single day and sent them home. Source: Italian Ministry of Health.
    Here are some photos. The text article above is obviously hogwash.

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    Photos about Italy Continued...

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    Typically I would dispose of the text article information as hogwash but I feel there is some signal intelligence. I have seen these blurts and sometimes they are completely nonsensical. But they have a message, like with the geopolitical social engineering I have described out of Russia on this virtual consulate - Donald GOOD - Hillary BAD. The message plants confusion and conspiracy.

    I need not go into the details about WHO law etc. People here are expected to be smarter than that. Sort the above link to Intel by population and you will see how China found Vitamin C to prevent symptoms early and has cured COVID-19 in China:

    Combine the cure with aspirin, a blood thinner and flushing niacin the vasodilator and you substantially increase the effectiveness of the anti-inflammatory Vitamin C.
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    An important note about this morning's inoculation:

    That hump with the cliff drop to the right is always there. And that is the 5G Rollout in distant Seattle that I overlook from my office window. I have line of sight to Bellvue too.

    But take a look at the high setting and proximity of the signal generator to the antenna of the spectrum analyzer.

    My point is that the 5G radiation even at a distance is nearly as intense as the signal generator on full power in actual contact with the antenna. In fact I went through a set getting set up. Note the power attenuation on the antennas. That is to protect the transistors near the antennas. We are talking about cooking amplitude RF microwaves. 5G radiation of the same amplitude as 4G radiation has 1000 times the energy in Joules!

    Learn to love it, or figure out a way to shut it all down. I for one know love drives all engines. All the fear and pain are only illusions.

    Now compare one of the two phones to the same display setting sensitivity and imagine holding the phone up to your silly head?

    This is the 2G phone in operation, from a foot or so away.

    This is the 5G phone in operation, a little closer to the spectrum analyzer.

    Love is the Answer - John LENNON.

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    Additionally black seed oil contains thymoquinone (akin to hydroxychloroquine for malaria symptoms) and has been shown to inhibit the infection of COVID-19 as well as assist any known regimen slowing the spread of the nasty brain tumor glioblastoma malforme.

    Hydroxychloroquine chemistry.

    Black Seed Oil fighting Glioblastoma

    Vitamin C, Black Seed Oil and Chamomile Extract for COVID-19.

    Maybe the WHO should have listened to China early on. Or maybe China simply has no faith in the WHO?

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