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Thread: The Beauty of My Synesthesia

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    The Beauty of My Synesthesia

    I was exploring my old haunt, the Microelectronics Research Laboratory where I invented the SD Card that literally drives all the data silos today. As I admired my work, being able to look around at 360 views on campus I noticed the sun above the Characterization Lab.

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    The point being that material science is misapplied, mostly out of misunderstanding the Highward Fire Stone. - Manna. Exotic matter is monatomic transition metals and namely gold affiliated with the pineal gland.

    When we spin gold in nanostrings there are aberrations in the crystal growth that might seem quite random. Examined closely they correspond to the activations in DNA that form the pineal gland organ in material reality. Our misuse of gold as high valence conductors tying the data silos to the server farms has misled mankind into a corresponding technology alternative to the one intended by the manna that was hidden.

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    I know. I was there. I worked the Characterization Lab. I can see the door, down under the sun, next to the door where I invented the SD Card.

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    full array inoculum

    This is the shotgun approach with this morning's inoculation.

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    Someone somewhere made comment:

    5g being able to activate or deactivate anything in the [computer generated] range.

    No problem; You can extract this perspective from this forum if you like.

    What is going on with the 5G is that there is a server farm operating there all the time right around 5G. The phones operate all over between 5G and 6G. The Stream is where all the conference calling and social media, but especially important biomedical and biometric information - medical records, GPS locations and other human intelligence. Look at the bottom of Page 16.

    The capsid functions both as a Faraday Cage and a transceiver. So the comment is correct but from a perspective that I have not articulated. My perspective is that the initial COVID is found in bats that also are immune due to pollinating the oroxylum tree. The bats are eaten raw with many other raw meats slaughtered in the kitchen, to preserve a high amount of adrenaline that generates a unique buzz for the patrons of the Wuhan restaurant. The 5G intelligence stream taught the COVID-19 virus about humanity and social interactions on and off the Internet. Combined with medical specifics, the peer-reviewed journals on that same stream, this taught the COVID-19 the ultimate contagion vehicle - the Type II pneumocyte at the blood gas exchange in the alveoli. Altering the surfactant level brings on pneumonia.

    But more to my point, this causes coughing on the hands and that spreads to school, airplanes and hospitals.

    Very clever.

    I use 5G to activate DNA and did so just this morning. But the implication is conspiracy theory about how some governmental alter is shaping the dangerous virus with 5G signals like I am using to inoculate the vaccine. The blue bag under the signal generator is elite shungite and the pairing of highward spin flavoring (exotic matter) is universal. Meaning that when I flavor it with the vaccine it also changes the flavor in all elite shungite - everywhere. Including the asteroid belt.

    So if anybody is so nefarious to be using 5G to develop new strains to hurt, I am not worried.

    I think rather that the virus itself has a very keen instinct for survival and so sees me, and what I am doing to prevent accommodation. Look closely at the patent. The day I thought up how to invigorate the vaccine into the oroxylum indicum tree DNA it bolted, killing off 1300 Chinese victims.
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    This is exactly what my patented invention does with the stem cell DNA of the bat tree. I activate COVID-19 antigens. This in turn trains the solar plexus so that one becomes as immune to the symptoms as the bats are.

    If anybody is using this technology for nefarious purposes and designs it really does not matter to me. If you read around here, I am utilizing the Castle Church antenna to mend the electrical pollution of the planet with the Van Allen belt.


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    I mention this as the source of insight in my US Patent #10,999,999 at Page 17 of 60.

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    I caught first wind that people are aware of COVID-3. It is even larger - capsid size.

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