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Thread: Mining the Redeemed Mind

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    P.S. This doctor is credible, and she is very good with the dark field photography and recording.

    Dr Ana Maria MIHALCEA.

    Surfing nearby led me into some interesting terrain.

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    Paper talks of FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays), which was the 3rd step in the evolution of bitcoin mining. CPU > GPU > FPGA > ASIC.

    And that FRED graph now shows $107 billion but I noticed it's a negative amount. So who owes who? Does the US Treasury owe the FED?
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcel View Post
    Paper talks of FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays), which was the 3rd step in the evolution of bitcoin mining. CPU > GPU > FPGA > ASIC.

    And that FRED graph now shows $107 billion but I noticed it's a negative amount. So who owes who? Does the US Treasury owe the FED?
    That is the way I think it, come to think of it. The unredeemed endorse private credit from the Fed and thus create SDR's as assets of the Fed. Central banks lend to governments. Thanks for the graph!

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    Also, thanks for helping me link mentally to the Quantum Financial System through FPGA's in Blockchain tech. I have the Berkeley Nucleonics text and course The Nuts and Bolts (and Qubits) of Quantum Computing:

    Name:  Quantum Computing FPGA logic blocks p43.jpg
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    I find it interesting the re-purposing and re-tasking of the GPU for its parallel processing capabilities.

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    The Latest Whisper

    Sharing the good news:

    Heritage DNA Intact

    There are many blood disorders from shedding but transfection requires rolling up your sleeve.
    Full Testimony:

    Genome Heritage of David Merrill:

    Observations about Shedding Adverse Effects:

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    Ah, you have rebuilt your central nervous system. Very good. Although your health regimen involves so many different supplements, treatments and therapies I suspect this might be hard to duplicate.

    About the graph ... Clive says it is money the FED owes the Treasury. Traditionally, the FED has remitted excess earnings to the treasury but since Sept 2022 it's been losing money ... apparently now 163 billion... far exceeding its' capital.

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    You heard the Whisper?

    Thank you. Very interesting link; thanks for that too.


    I see your remark about shotgunning neurochemicals and nutritional supplements. They are only a small portion of the therapies I try out on my body. If I was to claim only one out of the many I would claim R Alpha Lipoic Acid. Get the "R" and maybe the true Niacin, that causes vasodilation (blushing). This one chemical makes many of the other chemicals liposoic. Meaning slippery or wrapped in fine fat so that they gain easy entry into cells, through the outer membrane.

    Otherwise you might just be rinsing the nutrient supplements through your body, unused.

    But you touched upon something there - heritage. My macular and neuroregenesis may not be very replicable unless you are a close relative. I don't know. There was a punny Sunday Strip on Who is Robert Malone recently (SubStack) titled Reptilian Overloads. I made a rather cryptic comment and another reader inquired for a layman's rendition? Open in another window. The links in the following quotation from SubStack are faulty.


    Dear Suitors;

    Please pardon my fumbling around on Substack. It may be the beginning of something Big. Robert Wallace MALONE invented the mRNA Vaccines now misused by Moderna, Pfizer etc. He mistakenly became inoculated and is managing to live out his days productively on a rural homestead next to the Shenandoah National Forest. Who is Robert Malone?

    Yesterday Robert published a meme Sunday Strip called "Reptilian Overloads". - slip intended, I think.

    David Merrill

    David’s Substack

    I jump on the segui, your play on Reptilian Overlords:

    I doubt most readers comprehend that more than one meme (second to the last) is directly on topic. Gold is fine white powder, found in Exodus. With that said is your solution for health, but logically it would have been much more effective before mRNA/plasmid DNA inoculation. Carbon 60:**Still you too might double your melatonin with 12 Hz ELF on a transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulator -**- This promise might be a lot more healthy energy for you and Jill, with the time you have.

    Pricy toothpaste, I use it to brush my teeth. Be sure to get the BAATI Formula, stirred magnetically for two weeks in the dark, into extra virgin olive oil. See in the upper left diagram how it fits so nicely into the inner winding of the double helix?

    Ergo, my Doped Carbon 60 Transition Metallofullerene Pump is the cat's pajamas. Using the chakras for a wire, this utilizes the superconductive (myelin) in the axons to pump transition metallofullerenes into the third ventricle liquor (cerebrospinal fluid). Here is why.

    HYPOTHESIS: We live in an agreed upon contract which parts of our mass hallucinations (TRUTH) will be agreeable, and which wont (TRUTHS - plural). Trees and rocks, the two bears in the background etc will be with everybody:**You see, that is a little unbelievable but you put it in front of somebody who spends time in nature and they are not plastic mockery. You share TRUTH and you share your TRUTHS too. Honorable.

    A great deal of the neuropatholic suffering stems from playing on "safe" Roundup lawns and spreading antiperspirants like a social duty (aluminum chlorhydrate). Resulting in aluminum/glyphosate symbiotic poisoning of the pineal gland, which in addition to traditional mulberry-like hydroxyapatite concretions (calcification) block our communications inward through the third ventricle and Third Eye. This directly affects the microbiome resulting in more neurotoxins damaging the brain by encouraging deadly plaques:

    To re-abstract then, cytoplasmic protein shuttles in the healthy decalcified pineal gland and third ventricle, washing both the pituitary and pineal glands (liquor) contain a percentage of melatonin and dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Call this content 1 and so there is a high percentage of melatonin in the 1 when we are in deep sleep. When we dream, there is a high percentage of DMT as this is an endogenous psychedelic hallucinogen. The third ventricle is pinched shut as a stagnant reservoir for most days on the lunar cycle and for a few days at full moon the aqueducts Monroi and Sylvius open so that its contents rinse into the larger reserviour of cerebrospinal fluid.

    It is shown in the article that melatonin peaks during the witching hour, on an average in a sleeping community. So back to my hypothesis - lets call that 95% melatonin and 5% DMT - deep sleep. But look, by 7:am we are up and about breakfast so we can safely call that 95% DMT and 5% melatonin, with arylalkylamine-N-acetyltransferace converting quickly melatonin to DMT and acetylseratonin-O-methyltransferace transfering back again DMT to melatonin, within the stagnant third ventricle liquor to keep it from becoming hypertonic and toxic. Meaning that if the pineal gland excreted melatonin every time we wanted deep sleep, the stagnant liquor would become polluted.

    So by breakfast we ride on quite a trip, together.

    This hypothesis when I completely independently, stemming from a dream, charted out Masonic Monuments around Colorado Springs. It became apparent that the layout was a perfect Fibonacci Spiral:*

    The smaller one was fascinating enough in itself but when it extended exactly through Mount Herman, like in Judges 18 - an illegal (unlicensed by Jerusalem) manna ORME fabrication ARC, I knew I was onto something that has captivated my imagination for decades now.

    Colorado Springs is quite the Capital for the western US for Freemasonry. I spent many hours hanging around the Library and Museum trying to figure this out. They know nothing about any layout on the civil architecture of Colorado or Colorado Springs.

    It is like my secret hypothesis. I was born on the northwest Corner (traditional Headstone) of the Golden Rectangle. Right there at Penrose Hospital. Furthermore my parents married within the Rectangle at which church the NW Spire is four times the size of the others. - Interesting that my Khazarian heritage traces out my being confluence of two ancient Mesopotamian bloodlines.

    The Reptilian reference is of course from the Egyptian reverence for the crocodile. Crocodile and Serpent being interchangeable. The Coat of Arms given Cain is the Orobouris - the serpent eating its own tail. My own bloodline confluence is Sons of God (Cain) and Sons of Man (Abel) - or Seth if you prefer to believe Cain killed Abel. What it says is that Cain's bloodline (ruling class) is so high above Abel's (servant class) bloodline Cain's blood is like comparing the sky to the soil. Not that Cain spilled Abel's blood on the soil.


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    Quote continued from above:

    Before continuing note that I invented combining salve from Cupramine (cuprous sulfate) with C60 olive oil in conjunction with LifeWave "patches". This accelerates generation of undifferentiated stem cells.

    the cain (nephalim) bloodline extends from the ruling class of ancient egypt/mesopotamia (hathor temple - see google earth "al sarabit" in sinai. This pyramid building tech was under attack by the amalakites, prompting (amerna letters) pharaoah to enlist his son (senusret ii and iii) to equip the israelites with a phase coherent meissner field (manna from jethro the alchemist or high vulcan - lord of the mountain/i am that i am). Read exodus and remember gold is a fine white powder.


    12 hrs ago

    where is the layman's version?

    David merrill

    david’s substack

    7 hrs ago·edited 7 hrs ago

    the bible is the parable version. The layman's version goes something like:

    The crocodile, serpent and dragon are all interchangeable as the symbol for the dragon court and this is the longest standing jurisdiction in the world, operating out of bhudapest, hungary today.

    Start here:*

    that particular passage is the origins of the giants - nephalim - in the bible. When a pregnant woman consumed the pituitary gland the fetus would grow and kill them both, accelerated skeletal growth (see lucy hormone) by 6-carboxytetrahydropterin. However, if you wait until she gives birth then you can grow the baby into a giant. With a headbrace you can expand the soft cranium and grow an expansive brainpan, and thus a large cerebral cortex. The best way to say it to the layman is these khazarians have always been the ruling class because we have bigger minds:

    here is exactly what i am talking about:

    see how large the baby has grown? With careful genetic engineering (mitochondrial dna) these nephalim can even reproduce among themselves, producing gigantism in the baby. But carrying this further than a generation or two is very difficult.*

    look for pages 23-25 of 40 for the clues:*

    the use of the great seal of authority ties to my research into the post above about perpetual inheritance of patroons out of utrecht. New utrecht is new york. This is why nebula genomics already knew i have an expansive cerebral cortex surface area, the moment they read my entire genome. And why it took over 24 hours for dr phillip buckhaults to download it onto the data silo of the university of south carolina's quantum supercomputer.

    Now and again a pendragon is born. The confluence of patroon (father) and christopher wren (mother), means an accelerated alchemy. Progressive evolution of the christ template. Jesus, david, leonardo, arthur etc. If you look closely nearly all western presidents and prime ministers are fairly closely related.

    If you are still having trouble keeping up, remember that when i walk into a room full of 100 men, i only have to punch one of them in the nose.

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    In other words THEY are in an infantile retrogression (due to the Sun dying) of our higher evolution. Behold Dr. Robert Wallace MALONE with Jade and two black bears:

    Name:  Robert Wallace MALONE upon Jade stallion two black bears watch.jpg
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    Find Key 208, Verse 3 -
    Man, as the highest point on the level of mammalian evolution, is now being repatterened to go beyond the evolutionary breakdown into a new arrangement of his chromosomal patterns in order that he may function as a multimammalian Light force.

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