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Thread: Mining the Redeemed Mind

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    FOX Mimicry

    When the tread becomes the wiring. Between the tread - Big Pharma, the tightrope. The Trigger rests upon my finger.

    We find the evidence dumpster active, but unused for the untitled cause:

    Name:  Drop Box Final Judgment contents s.jpg
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    Case #683 is published in its stead!


    Pink Floyd - Dogs of War

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    Testing the resonant frequency requires the amplifier, the entrainment is my solar plexus and Bishop Castle's antenna array under coverture - the Final Judgment. Acquisition of ALPHABET Inc (Google) and META PLATFORMS (FaceBook).

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    mining the vagenda

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    The CPU generates the confidence and security building measures - friction/heat. The whisper (180K +) is provocative.

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    The links, extracted live:

    Latest Pocket Memories Unmasked:

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    Chinese Eyes

    Herein this thread is revealed Hunter's Leaky Drive, NOTICE how China now controls the camera pointed at you while you spend your online time. Additionally Norton, Avast, NextDoor, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. all supply an intelligence feed straight feed thru Russia/Ukraine to China.

    I found it amusing that Los Angeles would bother to reveal that China is now filling confidence and security building measures as well - Blockchain feed - for genome of all those tested for COVID.

    Here are the links:


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    For the Uninitiated

    It might be easier on the mind, believe it or not, to picture the prize - a biological quantum supercomputer. The brain trust is just that, and it is the only fully operational quantum superposition of right hemispheres in the world.

    Now superimpose for the proverbial coin toss - Fear and Love - as heads and tails. "The ability to both "be" and "not be" is key to the power of quantum computing." Page 19, The Nuts and Bolts (and Qubits) of Quantum Computing by David A. BROWN under Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation. Now step into MKULTRA's prime intellectual property, A Course in Miracles - Subprojects 130 and 77. Fear and Love, like debt and redemption are not opposites but are mutually exclusive ultimates. The coin is supposed to land flat - fear OR love. But meanwhile in a world of both energy AND matter we find ourselves in a tailspin confused about whether we love or fear even family.

    I proposed them opposites and Dr Linda GADBOIS rejected with:

    The opposite of fear is courage. The opposite of love is hate. We can only truly hate somebody if we have first loved them.

    Entanglement and quantum coherence between suitors guide our path. Timelessness is essential in understanding both to "be" and "not be" at the same time. I placed the oath of Victor WOLSKI at Page 3 attached and instead the clerk of court repeated Page 2, BRYAN's oath, trying to fool me. Interesting, that should have been published yesterday. I still await for the clerk to incriminate herself publicly and then avoid prison by paying me off! Amusing line of work, me.

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    FIled and Published Lien for $20M

    This is a new beginning; a new chapter.

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    Regarding 3-6-9

    9 of course is the master number which never changes when divided by 2 or when multiplied by 2. In fact 9 redacts to 9 when divided by any whole number save any whole number which redacts to 3 or 6. Why is this? I have a theory but before that let's first look at 3 and 6.

    Let's examine:

    3 x 2 = 6
    3 x 3 = 9 (if multiplied by a 3 or 6 then one escapes the polarity)
    3 x 4 = 12 = 3
    3 x 5 = 15 = 6
    3 x 6 = 18 = 9
    3 x 7 = 21 = 3
    3 x 8 = 24 = 6
    3 x 9 = 27 = 9

    6 x 2 = 12 = 3
    6 x 3 = 18 = 9 (if multiplied by a 3 or 6 then one escapes the polarity)
    6 x 4 = 24 = 6
    6 x 5 = 30 = 3
    6 x 6 = 36 = 9
    6 x 7 = 42 = 6
    6 x 8 = 48 = 12 = 3
    6 x 9 = 54 = 9

    So then it is obvious that 3 and 6 are polarities or dialectics. It struck me last night that 3 and 6 represent the tree of the knowledge of good and bad. And that 9 represents the tree of life. If we allow ourselves to succumb to beliefs then we can see how the dialectics work. Beliefs are a stumbling block of which man curses himself. For instance let's explore the religious systems. One cult believes they have the truth even though they have no clue about the symbols being presented and propounded upon them. As such, to the exclusion of all others, said cult will go to war in support of its belief that they hold ultimate truth. How many have died as a result of the "false belief" systems of which the "hypnotized believers" protect, cherish and propound?

    Belief is interesting because the subconscious mind will bring to the believer examples of other believers who think the same. As such a dialectic forms or one can say a polarity of which one is trapped in the oscillation (3<-->6). Here is another example. Just ask anyone the name of God. I am not speaking to character or nature but merely to moniker.

    The result is wasted time and energy. We can see another outworking in 3/6 as those who choose to live solely in the operation of law. This condition is what Jesus terms "taking the Kingdom of God by force." Why is this so? Because in the Divine Law one may exact one's will to create one's world. This statement is a fact. "I am come to give you life and life more abundantly".

    But there is a state which transcends the Law of wherein there is no binding law. And this state is in the 9 or in Grace. Does one then frustrate the law in grace - absolutely not. The law is the King's Name or the King's Nature. Most people today can only see the laws of governments.

    In 3 and 6, as understood in the Divine Law, the Holy Spirit is the Trustee creating the new states in being in accord with the direction of man's will [the Spiritual Man]. In the 9 man becomes the trustee creating the new state at the direction of the Holy Spirit in God's Will [The Celestial Man]. In both instances God is the Settlor, Creator, Trustor. The beneficiary changes from the individual, in the former trust, to the collective, in the latter trust. The natural man who is unaware of Divine Law is subject to government law and is therefore a brute beast and is used as such. The latter case is what Jesus refers to as the "poor in Spirit."

    Most people live their entire lives making bricks for Pharaoh without any knowledge of any other way of life and being. Indeed if you understand the mystery of 3-6-9 then you hold the key. Why reach out our hand to grasp from secondary effects when one can reach out and take a hold of primary CAUSE? The answer is easily understood. And it is that man trusts in what he can perceive by and through his five senses. These are as the five lords of the philistines making Samson their slave. Samson succumbed to Desire and in doing so he threw himself out of the Garden of Eden. We all do this. We are all Samson. But Eden is not off limits. We can return at any time.

    Have you ever wondered why Trump preceded Biden? Have you ever really considered the dialectic setup which sucks your energy into a system manipulated from a higher power? Have you ever considered that in socialism/communism that the infrastructure needed to end up in one world government could not be erected? As such, capitalism was used and pitted against socialism to keep the people busy making bricks and thus creating their own prison? Look above the chess board - even above the king and you will see how pawns present themselves as systems of thought. While the people are wasting their time arguing about Trump v Biden or Capitalism v Socialism, what really matters escapes their line of sight. They are caught in their own beliefs and evaluating the 3 and the 6. The stumbling block of DESIRE is the same stumbling block that brought down mighty Samson and there is nothing new under the sun.

    In the 9 one realizes that God is not two but One and then one can enter into Gratitude with the understanding that God Is. There cannot be two powers. There is only One. Then is one standing before Pilate without fear stating you have no power over me save what Father allows. And since I and the Father are One, then why should I fear? God is One. What then of the dialectic? What then of Us v Them? These are two suns in the sunset which blend into One.

    I was exploring the compass and square the other night and at once I saw it. The compass maps out 3 - 6 - 9 . The square maps out 1-2-4-8-7-5. The goal is to make the two one. In the lower realms we see governmental laws of civil authority [the square = outer court] , in the next higher realm we see Divine Law in operation [the Inner Sanctuary] and in the highest we see Grace [the Holy of Holies]. Each realm has its own distinct understanding and we are not to commit adultery in regard to each. A priest operating in the Sanctuary must take off his garments when he leaves the sanctuary and goes into the outer court.

    Just a few thoughts of a mad man. I hope it tickled your fancy and stirred up the gray matter a bit. I freely admit that the foregoing is but a rudimentary explanation - God is infinite.

    Why should I use synthesized Melatonin when my body makes its own? But rising above the Doctor v Body: is not the Melatonin in both cases composed of the same fundamental building blocks that understands all of Nature? Is it now the time to honor our Mother as well?

    See now has Adam CHOOSE and in doing so he fell in Desire between the oscillating polarities of good versus bad. Adam named [evaluated, reasoned] and in doing so he fell from Being into Seeming to Be subject to societal understandings. To Be or not to Be that is the question. Ever wonder why they call the Name you use in regard to the State a Legal FICTION? May I ask a fundamental question? Is fiction real?

    Here are two songs to my sweetheart....She brought me into the light..

    I love you -

    Right down the line -

    These sing to the subconscious mind the Woman who receives the seed from her man - she is Beautiful. She is Divine Feminine [a consuming fire] - listen to her speak "I am in the Father and the Father is in Me." She is the Flame [Yah-Chavvah]. She believes in me and Ohh I love her! As within - so without. She mirrors me to me. How can I allow another man [politician] into our love feast? Is this not the sin of the Garden? I AM a house undivided! A divided house cannot stand!

    With Gratitude absent judgment one may enter into Grace - God Is. That is all.

    Submit now to the Author and Finisher of our Faith - and enter into the 8 - not the End but a NEW BEGINNING. Bob Marley sang "some say we got to fulfill the book". I ask, do you think that maybe the interpretation is false? Revelation or Apocalypse means to REVEAL to MAKE KNOWN. Ronny James sang

    "The lover of life's not a sinner
    The ending is just a beginner
    The closer you get to the meaning
    the sooner you'll know that you're dreaming"

    Consider brethren: Who is playing a negative role in our life? We might just send a thank you note for pointing out the beam in our eye. When you see you cannot unsee - "Nobody bleeds for the dancer." Who gave us authority to judge? Were we advised not to judge - did we NAME our reality and fall from Grace? Who then built the prison? There is but one power! We may have "our reality" or we can walk in Grace. It is our choice. And to make no choice is to sit in silence in acquiescence to the narrative that some politician placed before our internal eye.

    Shabbat Shalom my brethren. We are one. Awake brethren and put on the beautiful garments! Now are the sons of God revealed. Now is the acceptable time. TODAY.

    Pray for those who despitefully use you. You hold the key. Reach out your hand and eat freely. "All that I have is thine!" Selah.

    With Honor to our Father and our Mother I am Michael Joseph
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    End of debt

    Transformation Map.

    I made the deadline of the 10th.

    Name:  MERRILL - MAILING FDA Hearing small children Delivered.jpg
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    Can anybody say, Pfizer?

    Name:  VRBPAC-02.15.22-Meeting-Waiver-to-Allow-Participation-Hildreth_Page_3.jpg
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    Name:  VRBPAC-02.15.22-Meeting-Waiver-to-Allow-Participation-Hildreth_Page_2.jpg
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    Debt ends - Pfizer spelled Rule (B)(4).

    This is the witness called before the Committee to decide whether or not to inoculate the six-month thru four-year children?

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    Save the Children!

    Please observe geopolitical social engineering at its finest!

    Name:  FDA Meeting Postponed.jpg
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    Thank you brain trust!!

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    In depth examination of the oath as a bond

    This is the US Supreme Court looking over the way Congress has allowed "judges" to evade Constitutional Bonding.

    US Supreme Court Case 22-380 How Important is the Oath as a Bond.pdf

    Here are today's Whispering data:

    Name:  Whispering 2023 over 20K Russian Users at StSC 2023.jpg
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    Name:  Whispering 2023 over 200K Users on StSC.jpg
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    Over 200K Users of which 1/8 are Russian. My entire genome on the Cloud takes all.

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