The Rat Race Explained.
June 23, 2021

"Good morning. I have been asked to come here and explain to you what is the Rat Race.

Clearly, you instinctively know what the Rat Race is, but I am certain that you have not taken the time to think about what it is about and what the Natural course of it is nor the final goal or destination.

The Rat Race in simple and clear terms is the extraction of human energy for some particular purpose. Who decides the particular purpose it is up to the one directing what the final goal is or what he wants to achieve.

If this is too simple of an explanation for you to understand then please get up and leave so as not to waste your time and ours. Thank you; let us continue.

This is not a spiritual or philosophical discussion, this is nothing more than a dissemination of the practical knowledge that we have accumulated through the generations by our elders and wise men.

As you are called to take your positions of power, you will be faced with making the most difficult decisions ultimately being tested by the conundrum of what greatest evil must you do for the greater good.

As you have witnessed for yourselves, control of the masses through force is not desirable, efficient, nor ideal, although in most extreme circumstances the use of force for control is absolutely necessary.

The alternative method is the use of deceit for voluntary compliance by the masses through the use of Usury and reinforced by the use of fear and shame.

As we proceed forward the subject will become a bit more complex and detailed, so please take notes and pay attention as our time here is very limited.

Usury is the fallacious concept that one can obtain a risk free return on anything, as you should already be aware this is not possible in our present reality.

In order to try to implement the concept of Usury we have to also use other complex concepts and ideas. For example, the complex concept commonly called “money” is used with its representations to most efficiently extract human energy for our destined use.

The understating that money is a concept is not immediately obvious as our first impressions of it comes from contact through its representations. For the sake of brevity we will not address the historical contexts of money and will proceed to the characteristics that enable the ability to control the masses.