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Thread: Doctors sue the Government about the NAV

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    Doctors sue the Government about the NAV

    This case came across my radar. Complaint on my gDrive. Entire Case to date, on gDrive.

    I am attaching the petition for a restraining order, which was denied due to lack of evidence. And the Complaint which came out shortly after I pressured the CDC into showing 4000 deaths due to Adverse Events on VAERS, in two weeks. 7/2 to 7/16. On that note these doctors are funded. So they developed their own reporting system for adverse events from the NAV and it indicates that CDC has only been reporting about 1% of the full volume of symptoms that come from getting The Jab.

    More on that note. If you are currently adept with CSV files please generate the graph for us? The complete data sets are there on my gDrive folder.

    Doc 10 is very revealing and I will get a look now at how the case is developing toward a jury trial.
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    P.S. Nothing new.

    I emailed amicus curiae to all the attorneys of record, and more.

    I filed this addendum to my 2003 patent describing the modality for gene sequencing under the title "Eradication of SARS" on September 17, 2020. - Twelve days before the patent (US #10,787,501) was released for the current NAV. I have been transmitting mitigation for COVID-19 for quite a while. Like Doc 10 makes clear, the virus is defeated, including all variants. The threat is the NAV. Delta Variant is a catch phrase for Adverse Effects.

    I suggest you summon Robert Wallace MALONE, inventor of mRNA tech. He has some very interesting things to say (8 Minute Mark). Help yourselves to some of my Internet findings. The real indictment is P 39 of the Safety Protocol. Teratogenicity.

    This NOTICE reaches you because of the Japanese Pfizer report. The lipid nanoparticles migrate directly to the ovaries and bones. This means consistent infertility and leukemia will prevail for those who have taken The Jab. The Culling is complete. Time will tell. The government is crazy to try defending in light of the facts. My point being that the NAV has served its purpose.

    amicus curiae

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    Interesting that nobody has anything to say! Time will tell.

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    The Future Rests on what this Man Says.

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    As I watch the case, it is a little unclear to me whether the briefing is awaiting all parties to be served and responding to Motion Doc 15. And also if it is the summonses we await, then any party might not be responding by appearance to hold things up. Look it over for yourselves please.

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    07/22/2021 16 TEXT ORDER: the Court will not enter a briefing schedule for the motion for preliminary injunction 15 until after all parties have been served and appear. Signed by Judge Corey L. Maze on 7/22/2021. (SRD) (Entered: 07/22/2021)
    It has been a month and not one served party has acknowledged service. Furthermore the Court is avoiding having to set up any future hearings based on the Defendants appearing. Doc 17 is most definitely about serving the Summons and Complaint, which is done. It looks like Larry BECRAFT is leaving wiggle-room for the big players to put in their arbitration with Jonathan. I suppose that when the rubber meets the road Larry still looks forward to having a career tomorrow.

    P.S. 8/19 - Some strange things seem to be monkeying the process.

    CROSSTALK: These Frontline Doctors are named Plaintiff in a civil suit against BACERRA and FAUCI. Key Docs attached.

    Something strange is going down with the case. I checked and all Defendants have been served the Summonses - Doc 17 - and the "Judge" is unclear about service - the Motion or all Summonses? Additionally he adds "and appear" when being served is appearance. But the real curiosity is that this last attorney DIENER has not paid the $75 fee for Pro Hace vice appearance. It is like BECRAFT is allowing multiple wrenches into the machinery?
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    See for yourselves!

    I went exploring yesterday, mainly about the misuse of the term "isolate" COVID and variants used legally to define or describe its existence. So I am collecting some of the links from my browser history:[key:sequence_track,name:Sequence,display_name:Sequ ence,id:STD1,category:Sequence,annots:Sequence,Sho wLabel:false,shown:true,order:1][key:gene_model_track,name:Genes,display_name:Genes ,id:STD3,category:Genes,annots:Unnamed,Options:Sho wAll,SNPs:true,CDSProductFeats:true,NtRuler:true,A aRuler:true,HighlightMode:2,shown:true,order:3]&from=266&to=21555

    My images from the excursion of course are involving the evolving spike protein, and measuring resonant harmonics to devitalize them in vitro and in vivo.

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    So when I say that "variant" is a buzzword for adverse effects, I am saying due to pre-patient properties of my vaccine, now being transmitted into the Van Allen Belt from Bishop Castle in Colorado, the COVID-19 in any variant strain is no longer of any concern. Especially with hydroxychlorquine being more approved than any "vaccine" in itself:

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    Yesterday's Find!

    So my point is that the spike protein antigens cleaving from the vector/adenovirus have many more attributable adverse effects like dizziness, clotting and magnetic blood etc. while the actual virus and any deviant horn protein is still running a slightly higher risk of pneumonia than your regular nasty cold. I even address that issue in my patent.

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    Painting Criminal on Civil

    An interesting development in the case is Larry BeCRAFT painting an admission that the behaviors of the federal medical community are criminal, in a civil suit. Larry is dismissing defendants from having to answer to - Count 7 on the indictment, er... Complaint. I thought it might be interesting to find Count 7 in the Complaint.

    In the initial Doc 1 Petition for Injunction we find a Defendant 7:

    7. Julie Bloom (Julie), of Huntsville Alabama, is the mother of two
    children ages 10 and 16, and the mother of one young adult age 21. Julie has
    researched the experimental COVID-19 vaccines and also fiercely opposes
    their use in healthy children of any age. She knows that her own beloved
    children are placed at immediate and irreparable risk of harm by extending
    the EUAs for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines to adolescents. Julie is
    well aware that there are safe and effective alternative treatments readily
    available and she adamantly opposes the suppression of those treatments in
    favor of experimental and potentially life-threatening agents. Julie’s duly
    executed Declaration is attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit F.
    Julie seeks an immediate temporary restraining order to halt the extension of
    EUAs for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines for any and all children 17
    years old and younger.
    But I felt it much more likely Defendant 10, like this physician was having his career trashed for joindering:

    10. Steven M. Roth, MD (Dr. Roth), of Alabama, has been a
    practicing emergency medicine physician for 13 years. As part of his practice,
    Dr. Roth sees patients of all ages. He is aware of the risks and benefits of
    these investigational agents as well as the current vaccine schedule for other
    diseases. Based on the most recent numbers from the CDC from May 5, 2021,
    anyone under the age of 16 has statistically NO risk of dying of Covid-19.
    Dr. Roth has not seen a COVID-19 patient in many months, but he is
    currently seeing many patients who come to the emergency department as
    post-COVID-19 injection patients. All of these patients came in with COVID-
    19 like symptoms that occurred within 48 hours of the injection. All these
    Case 2:21-cv-00702-CLM Document 1 Filed 05/19/21 Page 19 of 80
    patients required hospital admission. Several of these patients progressed to
    death, caused by the vaccine.
    Dr. Roth’s concern is that based upon what he is seeing in the
    community, and because of the schools asking that students take the
    experimental COVID-19 injections and putting obstacles around those who
    do not take it, young people are being pressured to take an experimental
    injection, and many are succumbing to that pressure. This is deeply
    disturbing to Dr. Roth, because it is universally known that children virtually
    never die from COVID-19 and given that children have a very strong immune
    system, they are more likely than adults to have an over-reaction to the shot.
    This means that there is not only no benefit, but also an increased risk for
    children who receive the experimental COVID-19 injections. Also, with all
    prior viruses and vaccines, it has been accepted in the medical community
    that natural immunity is superior to vaccination, and there is no basis to
    believe that would be different with SARS-CoV-2. Because of these factors, it
    is actually not preferable to give the vaccine even if it was definitely safe,
    which these are not.
    In addition, Dr. Roth is extraordinarily concerned that there have
    been no animal studies, nor long-term studies, of the COVID-19 vaccines,
    especially since prior coronavirus vaccines all caused death in the animals
    subjected to them.
    Dr. Roth is aware of many thousands of physicians who agree with
    him, but who are under great pressure to say nothing. Dr. Roth has
    chosen to speak out now, at great personal cost to himself, because the
    alternative is unbearable. Dr. Roth could not live with himself if he stood
    by and allowed these experimental COVID-19 injections to be inflicted
    upon children universally, resulting in death and destruction over the
    Case 2:21-cv-00702-CLM Document 1 Filed 05/19/21 Page 20 of 80
    years. He considers it immoral and unconscionable that this
    experimental therapy will be given to children. Not only are children
    NOT at risk of death from COVID-19, but they are also NOT mini-adults.
    Their organs are still forming, and they are even more vulnerable than
    adults to developing auto-immune disease in this situation.
    Dr. Roth would be deeply and directly affected by a change in FDA
    guidelines regarding vaccines for young people, and as a result he is
    imploring this Court to grant an immediate TRO to halt the approval of the
    infliction of the experimental COVID-19 injections upon children. In addition
    to the direct threat of irreparable harm posed to Dr. Roth’s young patients,
    an additional unwelcome consequence of using coercion to mandate or
    pressure the participation of healthy young people who are statistically at
    NO risk is the risk of sharply reducing the public trust in all vaccines. This
    would also create what can only be described as irreparable harm to the
    public generally. Dr. Roth’s duly executed Declaration is attached hereto and
    incorporated herein by reference as Exhibit I.
    It would appear that the terminology arises from Page 4 of Doc 1:

    Plaintiffs will bring suit in the near future. The case will challenge the
    EUAs for the injections on several counts. It will be made clear to the Court
    in that case, based on the law and well-founded scientific evidence, that: the
    EUAs should never have been granted, the EUAs should be revoked
    immediately, the injections are dangerous biological agents that have the
    Case 2:21-cv-00702-CLM Document 1 Filed 05/19/21 Page 4 of 80
    potential to cause substantially greater harm than the COVID-19 disease
    itself, and numerous laws have been broken in the process of granting these
    EUAs and pushing these injections on the American people.
    This at least sounds like a formal legal challenge and indictment. I compare to a related (in geopolitical social engineering) criminal case, the use of COUNT as a legal charge.

    So you might see where I am going with this. Larry BeCRAFT is painting a civil suit like a criminal case by dismissing a "COUNT". The Defendants would hesitate objecting to the dismissal of any count against them but by remaining silent tacitly admit that the remaining accusations are a criminal indictment of COUNTS. If they object to Larry portraying them as criminals then they appear for the COUNTS as Defendants, set up for a counterclaim in criminal court.

    In the exhaustion of COUNT searches, I find in Doc 10:

    7. The DHHS Secretary has failed to meet the “conditions of authorization” mandated by § 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A). Healthcare professionals administering the Vaccines and Vaccine subjects alike are being deprived of basic information regarding the nature and limitations of the EUAs, the known risks of the Vaccines and the extent to which they are unknown, available alternative products and their risks and benefits, and the right to refuse the Vaccines. Not only is this information not being presented, it is being actively suppressed. There is no reliable system for capturing and reporting all adverse events associated with the Vaccines. The Defendants have created a new reporting system dedicated to the Vaccines parallel to VAERS, and Plaintiffs have been unable to obtain any information from this system.
    Since the VAERS system of reporting is DHHS this might be indicating the deletion rate - that some of the defendants reported adverse events that were deleted from the record. The VAERS system is reputed to be only reporting 1% of deaths - and reports are that you can see a fresh death report and refresh your screen and it will be deleted. If true we near one million vaccine related deaths.

    So Dismissing Item 7. might make some sense. However that still leaves that Larry is painting Item 7 of a civil suit Complaint like it is a criminal charge by calling it COUNT 7 in his voluntary dismissal.

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    BeCRAFT is throwing the Case?

    Should the Prosecution (Defendants) stay silent now, then the request to dismiss one Count will become a request to dismiss all Counts and thus be Larry being threatened by Big Pharma.

    But in Perry v. Schumacher Group of Louisiana., 891 F.3d 954 (11th Cir. 2018), the Eleventh Circuit held that Rule 41(a) is not an appropriate vehicle to dismiss a single claim without dismissing the entire lawsuit, id. at 958.
    My guess is that this is all about transfection. Is Larry transhuman? That will be decided by his behavior, rather than asking him.
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    Count VII is CIVIL MONEY DAMAGES. Why move to dismiss that one?

    Have you been injured as a result of the wrongful conduct of another? Call my office today to get the compensation you deserve. Or maybe not if I'm threatened by big pharma.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcel View Post
    Count VII is CIVIL MONEY DAMAGES. Why move to dismiss that one?

    Have you been injured as a result of the wrongful conduct of another? Call my office today to get the compensation you deserve. Or maybe not if I'm threatened by big pharma.
    My theory is that BeCRAFT is under pressure.

    The real reason to dismiss it though, is because it might detract from the Culling. Notwithstanding I will expose the strategy by linking the post in an email to the attorneys of record found above.

    P.S. Some insight about Larry BeCRAFT may be helpful. I have always been wary of Larry and we go way back. I spoke with him one time and believe we did not get along fabulously.

    My gut is that he is more protective of his bread and butter as an attorney than he is willing to go out on a limb. He seems to ride the fence, enjoying the reputation for being a Constitution lawyer, but not really putting money where his mouth is.

    Therefore I looked again today. He has not filed a new dismissal for Count VII alone. So thank you Marcel. Abandoning the monetary claim, if that is Count VII makes no sense. No more sense than Larry throwing the case.
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    Sealing Judgment


    On August 9, 2019, when 681 patients had been enrolled, the data and safety monitoring board conducted an interim analysis on data from 499 patients and, on the basis of two observations, recommended terminating random assignment to ZMapp and remdesivir. First, results in the REGN-EB3 group crossed an interim boundary for efficacy with respect to a surrogate end point for death at 28 days that took into account outcomes in all patients with at least 10 days of follow-up (Fig. S3). Second, an analysis of mortality showed that there was a clear separation between the MAb114 and REGN-EB3 groups and the ZMapp and remdesivir groups (Fig. S4).
    This confirms a recent addition of evidence for Final Judgment. I located the paper from this highly charged video. I have attached both the Study and the Video so you can get them on your disk right away, before thing get heated.

    I kept going while looking through the contents and adjuvants found in the NAVs. Additional to the graphene oxide and aluminum we find bizmuth. The article is loaded with photographs so 40Mb is too large for the attachments here.

    Pay attention to the final judgment.

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    The top of Page 5 is targeting retrovirus activation but the possibilities are quite extensive, especially using aluminum cage frequencies. These aluminum cages are excellent antennae. - CONTINUED

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    In particular, aluminum in adjuvant form carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation and associated neurological complications and may thus have profound and widespread adverse health consequences.
    My recent favorite is about the deadly symbiosis with glyphosate in Roundup. There is direct reference to the aluminum cages on Page 54. My point is the one paper alone is a menu for the many ways to Kill/Cull the depopulation humane. Many of you know I carry Pocket Memories - whenever I am waiting, I am reading and putting to memory...

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