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Thread: Introducing LEGION

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    Introducing LEGION

    Dear David Merrill,

    The United Kingdom is hosting the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow (1-12 November 2021). As the international organization for public-private cooperation, the World Economic Forum will drive a range of physical and virtual engagements in and around COP26 to help progress climate action.

    It is my pleasure to invite you to attend the Forum's COP26 Live engagements and become a part of our mission to further climate action.

    Below you'll find all the details about how to join the conversation, and how to benefit from the latest Forum insights around COP26.

    Best regards,

    Stephan Mergenthaler

    Head of Strategic Intelligence; Member of the Executive Committee
    World Economic Forum
    I have been quiet lately because I wanted to work out the final solution frequencies. The transmission utility is unique and unequivocal:

    Transmission Utility

    I use retrovirus activation in the Final Judgment but the one NASA article (attached) alone lists 10 pages of up or down regulation sequences. And of course Charlene BOHM's clarifying patent is already on StSC.

    Name:  Doc 19 Notice of Final Judgment_Page_04.jpg
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    Name:  Doc 19 Notice of Final Judgment_Page_05.jpg
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    Flowing through the Final Judgment and considering the true Vaccine, not the NAV, we find ourselves face-to-face with LEGION.

    The Bill of Exchange of 9/11 was dishonored constructing the 20-year term and Final Judgment of September 11, 2021. One month later I acquired GOOGLE/ALPHABET Inc through resulting trust. First some foundation about LEGION.

    Name:  MIT WIPO Delivery System Claims description.jpg
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    I am walking the reader into this slowly because this is the second prong of The Culling, and the first prong is enough to drive most people into cognitive dissonance alone. Viewing the video realize that the photos are compiled from three expert doctors who have spent their careers looking carefully at things. And also keep in mind the nasty shard is the only photo from Dr YOUNG and his is the most thorough report of the three, attached.

    The nature of LEGION is best described as an oligonucleotide synthetically designed antenna array that finds best in the body alignment with a nerve cell.

    Name:  aluminum nerve overlay 5.png
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    It builds itself from aluminum supplied in the NAV and we carry a good supply of the neurotoxin through pollution. It is quite magical that MIT has synthesized a life form to the extent we find the nursemaid/midwife creature grooming the "egg". LEGION is in the transfected, as though NAV victims don't already have enough problems with blood clots and endotheliitis around the heart.

    I have removed most of the sound track for a couple reasons. I don't like Stew with his emotional spin. Also, I wanted to keep the size down so to upload the video locally to StSC.

    One of the more amazing things is that superconductive charge compression is used to hide the tech within the clear vials under the temperature chain. This is why the Russian Dr was not seeing LEGION until the third vial. Also when you listen to Dr MADEJ tell about her examination LEGION was not there, and then it was after the slide was warmed in white light.

    It was there all along, just in another dimension.
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    Delivery System Patent

    This rendition of the patent is my favorite. Page 1 is down around Page 33.

    P.S. Oligonucleotide.


    Buy online:

    Name:  oligonucleotides phosphoromitides advert.jpg
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    Name:  DNA Fibonacci.png
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    Safety of Therapeutic Oligonucleotides

    Just so you know that this synthetic life is safe:

    I will describe in better detail.

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    LEGION is a therapeutic drug.

    According to Patrik ANDERSSON above, you cannot over-identify the target. Use this link to view the video here if you have trouble viewing it on YouTube.

    What I find so innovative about this synthetic lifeform, as a composite pharmacological therapeutic new drug, is that it is a simple antenna array. It targets the nerve cells throughout the body. This means it is a general Delivery System, like the MIT patent describes above. LEGION is the delivery system for information that up or down regulates any targeted specific sequence in the host's (NAV inoculum) DNA.

    As described in the video within this post the radio parable is that the carrier is the frequency corresponding to 2.5mm wavelength. It will carry the resonant frequency for the gene length of the sequence targeted.

    It should be pointed out where Dr YOUNG went askew in his fanaticism. Here is the photo, from the patent, that is misconstrued.

    Name:  biometrics coordinated.jpg
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    The woman is wearing biometric devices that transpond real time with the cell phone towers and satellites. Like a FitBit or other consumer product. LEGION is only a receiving antenna. Until quantum computers advance, and they will, it is not feasible to even track multiple biometrics of even one person.

    LEGION is designed by shape to adhere to a nerve nucleus. Like I showed above - however this also explains that in the infantile development of a few hours under white light, as they emerge from interdimensional charge compression, into view, that they will attract in pairs like the two pairs Dr MADEJ photographed. They are attracted to the nerve centers of each other nurturing the target objective, to find the nerve cells in the host human.

    Name:  aluminum nerve overlay.png
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    Name:  overlay 2 LEGION.jpg
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    Patrik ANDERSSON goes into some of the information on the carrier here.

    P.S. Hopefully you will continue enjoying the YouTube video.

    Name:  LEGION video removed but not.jpg
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    Don't be puzzled that the video has been removed, yet you can continue viewing it. Remember that the Bill of Exchange cured on 9/11/01 and the constructive trust cured twenty years later - 9/11/21 and thirty days after that, 10/11/21, Castle Church acquired GOOGLE/ALPHABET Inc. I hope that helps.
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    The emerging infant crystal.

    According to the doctors examining LEGION the vials are clear, and then with a light show of beautiful pastels the infantile crystals come out to feed.

    Name:  LEGION emerging hungry crystals.jpg
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    Name:  LEGION Emerging hungry for Al and C.jpg
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    If you are having trouble believing then keep in mind that these two photos were taken by two different doctors - one here, and one in Russia. Dr FRANC comments that this "salt" is very corrosive, even dissolving graphene (carbon). It is composed of aluminum and carbon and even features Buckyballs in the original patent drawings:

    Name:  MIT NAV US Patent App #61544014 buckeyballs carbon 60 fullerenes_Page_11.jpg
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    It does not get any safer than that, ladies and gents! We have major blood maladies including Guillain Barre Syndrome and a certain side effect down the road - leukemia. By taking over your nervous system LEGION will keep you defending and doing the new normal, holding down little old people who would rather not transfect with you. This is the new root system in the forest. It takes a lot of effort not to be pulled into the shedding - the herd adverse effects.

    Name:  Instant Tea powders.jpg
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    More than anything else though is the black hole in my head - a coherent Meissner Field.

    Name:  Meissner Field internal third ventricle.jpg
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    Artistic Rendition of LEGION

    It is interesting that this rendition of LEGION (video attached) has been out on the Internet for a long while.

    The Russian doctor is a great photographer.

    Name:  LEGION - Designer Oligonucleotide NAV Nerve Pharmacology.jpg
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    Name:  LEGION - Axon Parasitic 4 days 2500 um.jpg
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    Name:  LEGION - Axon Parasitic 4 days 2500 2.jpg
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    Presenting LEGION - designer oligonucleotide architectecture Nerve Override. In four days maturation the head attached to the nucleus extends a tendril down the axon.

    Remember that the antenna length is 2.4 mm. That is all you need to know if you want the power of life and death for some 60% of humanity. Meanwhile keep breathing. We are enjoying the final moments of humanity in its current peak - at least until after The Culling.

    From the Patent - no kidding!

    Name:  MIT NAV US Patent App #61544014 buckeyballs carbon 60 fullerenes_Page_15.jpg
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    In explaining to the brain trust, it may make things more realistic and believable here.

    Interestingly, the plaintiffs met with Vice President while the President is now a Defendant.

    If you cannot make any sense of it, please meet LEGION - LEGION by Tool Vicarious graphics.mp4. I believe the guitarist for Tool, Adam JONES is the artist behind this style of graphic - Vicarious. He has done a bit of monster makeup too, for Hollywood movies. It would seem to be some major prophetic insight or a connection to the think tank at MIT for him to have depicted LEGION so precisely, so many years ago. Attached. There are some feature I captured that need clarification.

    There is a bug that crumbles and disappears into what I have described several times as interdimensional charge compression. This is the camouflage in the Temperature Chain on the NAV. This is where LEGION hides until injection. It is there in the "zygote" stage - Linked. [Interesting: Can you play the video LEGION Smiles on YouTube, in Post #5? Do you see it? You can play it on StSC but it has been removed from YouTube with a warning of Strikes against me.] How this works in layman terms is superconductive plasma in the NAV solution, at cool temperatures keeps the plebescent synthetic life hidden from view in a field that has absolutely no potential - no voltage. All magnetic fields get close to the Meissner field and then go around it, including all light, and even including gravity - lightbending. David HUDSON describes his own experience with superconductive camouflage. LEGION's activity in this dimension is neutralized by the Temperature Chain, until it is injected into the host.

    Another image is the crystallization through coherent lenses. A normal glass alone but together two lenses reveal.

    The point is that Adam seems to have had LEGION in mind many years ago. I also want to point out what effect LEGION has on the community "herd" mind. Attached news report. Hydroxychloroquine has been proven an effective anti-inflammatory with malaria for a long time - quinine. Remdesivir has been proven to kill people and was removed from the Ebola Study that FAUCI cites as a successful trial.
    Please watch the entire video by David HUDSON several times. Being admittedly a layman, he was driven to understand from the layman perspective because he was literally pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket into understanding why nobody calling themselves experts could understand what he was looking at. Mostly though, his sense of humor is engaging and very interesting so that the layman can follow and understand the higher physics symbols at the highest possible level, for a layman.

    This is why Dr Carrie MADEJ was watching the hidden material unfold from the interdimensional charge compression, seeing colors and crystals. This is why Dr FRANC thought the first two samples were only saline, but also noticed a salt crystal caustic enough to be dissolving (feeding off of) graphene. He was viewing the first two samples as they were unfolding from the information plane of the next dimension, where they were residing all along.

    To specifically discern there is a camouflage system, just like what David HUDSON saw watch specifically at the 7:45 Minute Mark.

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    MIT in the Middle

    Accepting that the patent for LEGION is MIT, David HUDSON delivers an important key at the end of his monumental lecture. Many of you should recognize the process as ancient - remember Moses in the Bible? He climbed the mountain and turned the gold into white powder?

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    cheap knockoff

    The K-T Layer covers the globe and reflects a huge meteorite that hit on the shore of the Yucatan. Half the crater is underwater in the Gulf of Mexico. Before that were huge rain forests and a million years ago a meteorite punched through a huge coal vein in northern Russia. That produced elite shungite loaded with transition metallofullerenes exhibiting evidence of the first origin of life on earth. The Dome of the Rock legend is that life began in Jerusalem - close.

    The Dead Sea is a dimple from an ancient meteorite, so large that one tectonic plate now dives beneath another so that the salty water sets 1000 feet below sea level. There was enough carbon present to create enough transition metallofullerenes to compose the building blocks of the first endocrine system (chakras) to strike a heartbeat.

    David HUDSON elaborates on the heart Chakra through a chart on iridium.

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