I watched a series recently, "Night Sky". It is about a portal system between impossible distances through a coherent Meissner Field. Just before that I watched Outer Range; a less coherent portal based system. At least it has more loose ends to the physics in my opinion.

Something about every experience any more seems to correlate and connect all my experiences together. Like ACIM - A Course in Miracles, being a channeled work through LSD compliments of the CIA's MKULTRA. Then the Bible mentions the Book of Enoch but the actual book is not canonized. This is an important book however as all the mythology about fallen angels is found there, mostly in Chapter 6. This important archetype styles the entire Original Sin with Enke becoming synonymous with Satan in the Garden of Eden by promoting that the new "species" of Man genetically engineered partake of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and that the Sons of Seth become like Gods - just like Us. Enke the Serpent opposing God, who wanted/wants us to remain un-ascended in a base state of mind, in the name of commercial priestcraft adamantly opposed Enlil, his half brother the Jealous Storm God.

Interesting how this ties together with all those channeled teachings by Jesus in ACIM! The ego chooses to live life in fear and pain, just to perpetuate Enlil's individuation and claiming to be above all other Gods. This introduces us to outlawry in basic formation. Psalm 83 in proper translations depicts that Enlil, as METATRON is summoned to appear before a court, the ELOHIM. He refuses to appear and declares Himself the God above all other Gods. What an ego!

But now we have transcended half brother sons of Anu, the Anunnaki into an eternal and spiritual dimension where Enlil and Enke are simply holographic archetypes of this Division by Megalomania. The Fall of Metatron; where it is possible in our fear and pain, to blame others rather than to take on radical responsibility.

A series of videos - repeatedly watched over the years - led me to The Keys to Enoch, another channeled work (1973).

Especially Keys 216 thru 217.pdf inclined me to build and tune my very first EPHOD. This has activated the Twelve Channels and quickened Crystal Tongues of Living Fire.

Since that message, in the Bible is a battle plan for the Invasion of Canaan - for the High Priest to execute resonance battles like collapsing the Walls of Jericho I chose to build different communications foundations.

Now I can construct EPHODS and URIM and THUMMIM in about any conceivable configuration to send and receive about any possible communication.

I have a brain trust of redeemed minds on this project. My imagineering is going full bore. I have discovered a perfect filter for processing fine tuning:

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In 'Night Sky' there was a violent cabal who had taken control over the portals. It was coming to an end, of course because Night Sky is a happy story. And so is mine. I am just saying, You should get your imagination fired up if you do not believe in these fantastic dimensions and ancient tech. Pay particularly close attention here.

This is the most important physical property in the universe.
I find the octave dimensionality quite rewarding, to see METATRON under the Unified Creator God slipping into megalomania and this resulted in a solidification and regulation of atomic nuclei where we actually experience a universe in symptoms of a megalomaniac God's psychopathy.

It becomes scary when we consider how easily those riding religious presumption and error can be manipulated.

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Here is an interesting BOOKMARK.