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Thread: Redemption in general

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    Redemption in general

    I began viewing the foundations about thought and mind being the architecture for reality through a dream. It led me to charting out the Masonic Monuments around Colorado Springs, Colorado. When I had three points, the Territorial Capital, the federal repository and the Masonic Lodge on my iPaq screen a suitor, over chess, looked at it and remarked, "That looks like the Golden Mean." I went to the fourth point and found Corpus Christi and the hospital where I was born.

    I am still convinced that the Masons have no conscious cognizance of this correspondence. We each share by contract things like tables and rocks and other stuff. But we elaborate on that public contract in private forming things like monuments of mind, evolving around a manna fabrication facility that was built north of Jerusalem on Mount Hermon.

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    That foundation laid, another remarkable thing that came to light about Colorado is its role in modern money mechanics. That is to say, the construction of the Federal Reserve Banks and global central banking. The Mason Library came in very handy!

    The above collection is the best witness to blending law and equity ever.

    First accept that April 15th, income tax day is based upon LINCOLN's April 15, 1861 Declaration of War.

    The legal mechanism is a thirty-day process of the Territory becoming ratified. However, 1861 was a leap year. Therefore the territory never became ratified and remains a gold based war chest.

    It is a tiny blurb in the very center of the page.

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    Gold is Fine White Powder.

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    The short version is seventy years long.

    It is called the Babylonian Captivity, not only a plan to secure the patent rights to manna (monatomic gold) but to capture the minds of the Israelites. This is the period when most of the canonized Old Testament was drafted, encoding the more ancient historical record. This was also a genetic modification project by capturing the elite and intellectual Israelites into Babylon, castrating the men and breeding the rulers with the women, forming the Jew.

    Focusing more on modern day central banking we should take a look at the Executive Judiciary. - Meaning that the federal judges are appointed by the President, who is nearly consistently related to Sons of God/Cain. This lineage is played down in Genesis but once you know it, it comes plain in the reading. Eve bore two sons and they were from different fathers. So there are two bloodlines - the Sons of God and the Sons of Man.

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    Both of these oaths are from (appointed by) Sons of God. One plays the Cain side (REHNQUIST) while one plays the Seth or Abel side. Cain did not slay Abel like the reading interprets. Cain's bloodline was so much higher to be like the sky, compared to Abel's bloodline being of the ground. This edit has caused a lot of confusion. Along with manna being of the Serpent. The mark of Cain is the Dragon, Serpent or Crocodile - take your pick. And Abel, or Seth (both Sons of Man/Adam as Sire). Enke, half brother of Enlil (YHVH) sired Cain. If you head is spinning, it should be. These half brothers represent the factual, physical aspect of the Genesis spiritual topography. True or not, this is representative of the individuation of YHVH from the Collective ELOHIM. By going on His own in Genesis 1, YHVH created a base vibration/frequency so that the first hydrogen atom might lead to the asteroid belt formed from the dust of an ancient supernova. All of his Creation is of His egotistical separation and He Himself declared it "Good".

    However, since this universe has been cut off from Source Energy from above, everybody feeds on somebody else. We feel alone and blame others instead of solving problems together as community. Gravity feeds into negative entropy so that suns die and everything is being pulled into funnels leading to black holes as part of a greater feeding process for greedy fallen collectives (as I understand some of the readings). I only mention it because it shows a basis for central banking cartels like the Federal Reserve.

    William Hobbs REHNQUIST might have studied the Bible enough to understand the original sin interpretation. I don't know. He may have just read the 1789 Judiciary Act and seen that changing his oath of office from "So help me God." to "SO HELP ME GOD.", was a wrong thing to do. From the examples above though, BURGESS also knows it is the wrong thing - he redacted his signature before allowing his oath to be published on PACER:

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    The Seth/Abel side is of course against mankind reaching spiritual ascension - To become as Gods, like us. The proponents of this perspective promoted commercial priestcraft in 550 BC during the Babylonian Captivity by editing mysterious parables into the history records, resulting in the currently used Torah.

    The Seth/Abel side is of course against mankind reaching spiritual ascension - To become as Gods, like us. The proponents of this perspective promoted commercial priestcraft in 550 BC during the Babylonian Captivity by editing mysterious parables into the history records, resulting in the currently used Torah.

    What you see in the oaths of office is that among the Sons of God, meaning Sons of Cain, there is a prevalent line of thought in alignment with the Holy Bible, that one must not partake in the Messianic redemption of manna. This perspective aligns also with the central banking trafficking in human flesh and bone. It is reflected in the CODE - SO HELP ME GOD. YHWH of the Bible lied when he said the Apple/manna/monatomic gold would kill Eve if she partook of it. It is the key to the Fall right there. It is called Original Sin that she became enlightened and brought that to Adam; to be as Gods, like Us.

    Through all the conditioning you might choose to see, and have ears to hear. REHNQUIST above is staying clear of the mutual imprecations by subscribing to, "So help me God." Literally all the other federal judges except for Brett Michael KAVANAUGH do otherwise. However, something is very wrong about KAVANAUGH:

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    Brett Michael KAVANAUGH

    Like I show above we have a properly styled oath for KAVANAUGH but it is witnessed by Chief Justice John Glover ROBERTS. But the Department of Justice will not supply ROBERTS' oath of office meaning it is in the other group; SO HELP ME GOD. It incriminates him not only as a wayward Son of Cain, but for open fraud. You cannot alter an oath of office.

    This really gets interesting when you see that KAVANAUGH signed two oaths, apparently aware ROBERTS was no good for a witness.

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    It looks like Brett signed it himself, with his name but in a cursive scribble, doesn't it? However that might be Anthony McLeod KENNEDY, KAVANAUGH's predecessor. That is the presumption but I tracked down KENNEDY's signature from a few months before.

    Name:  signature of KENNEDY resignation.jpg
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    So it looks as though Brett could not find anybody to witness in the proper capacity and in honor, so he scribbled his own name, hoping it would be mistaken for Anthony's signature.

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    I feel it is important to connect the CODE - SO HELP ME GOD into the errant, though correct biblical interpretation, before moving into the central banking nuts and bolts. In fact with two webinar lectures coming up I believe this thread will become the outline for the second one. That the Lesson Plan of:

    1. true identity
    2. record forming - Refusal for Cause
    3. redeeming lawful money

    That will be the first lecture.

    This protective cover on a very informative book speculates staged conversations how "So help me God." was suffixed to the Presidential Oath as found in the Constitution. The subtitle to the drawing tells quit a bit of the story. The protective order of Cain, the Dragon Court is living and well through a custodian called Masonry.

    Here is another recollection of the event:

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    Connecting Patroons VAN PELT

    The genome is important for generational memories.

    New York is abbreviated New Utrecht. The entire land claim on Manhattan comes out of the Netherlands from which my father's side descends. The Patent is still secure.

    Put plainly August 13, 1630 to my Bill of Exchange on August 13, 2001 spans 370 years.

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    The Five Cube Sum Number Locks are 1, 153, 370, 371 and 407.

    The Charter assuring my perpetual inheritance spans 371 years.

    The Key to this quantum consciousness interface if found in 153 - 13 + 53 + 33 = 153. Read John 21:11 in the Bible.

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    Before I lose you...

    You should calculate the precision and accuracy:

    Watch at the 38:00 Minute Mark.

    Then take a look at how I entered notice about the NAV just in time to save our little people.

    That went down exactly as calculated!

    See for yourself.
    Memo in support.

    It was delivered and received on the 10th. Look at the center column of the page, that is the deadline to have this formally before the Committee.

    Name:  Doc 23 Certificate of Service to the FDA_Page_10.jpg
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    NOTICE to the FDA.
    MEMO in support.
    Certificate of Service - Military Quite Ill.

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