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Thread: Reverse Parkinson's Disease

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    Reverse Parkinson's Disease

    I finally came across a patented (pending) cure for Parkinson's Disease.

    First understand that my understanding is mostly through aluminum chlorhydrate and other aluminum compounds in antiperspirants, plus widespread use in pots and pans we, as a people are poisoned. Then most "modified" crops are bioengineered to be pesticide resilient to Roundup, which contains glyphosate. Glyphosate and aluminum are both approved but not considered a symbiotic poisoning to the pineal gland. Combined they affect the sleep cycle which in turn brings on the typical Parkinson's symptom, a lack of dopamine production in the substantia nigra.

    Once this dopamine production is mitigated it has been considered chronic, as in an irreversible decline and fall.

    Until now. By repairing the microbiome (intestinal flora) one can repair health.

    PDCare 904nm Treatment Protocol.pdf

    SYMBYX Microbiome adjuster US Patent -20220105361-A1_I (1).pdf

    PD Instruction Manual copy.pdf

    Additionally one can stimulate the production of undifferentiated stem cells with a neuropeptide reflector, chelating copper ions from the red and yellow (hematopoietic and mesenchemal) bone cells, so that stem cells can renew virtually any tissue or organ.

    LifeWave X39 & X49 patches Biological Effects.pdf

    X-39 Patch US Patent -107169543-B2.pdf

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    12 Hz in conjunction

    The photobiomodulation therapy is a complicated set of sweeps (see the patent attached above) but the specs say 50 Hz. The tVNS (transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulator) is the $600 Research Edition so I have it customized for 12 Hz, to generate my endogenous melatonin and raise my IQ/memory recall too.

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    This is interesting. Will show this to a friend recently diagnosed with PD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcel View Post
    This is interesting. Will show this to a friend recently diagnosed with PD.
    Thanks! It would be best to get started as early as possible.

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    I picked up the late Suzanne SUMMERS book, Breakthrough. I flipped open to a passage where the government actually adds aluminum to the water? The gist is that aluminum and fluoride act with a similar symbiotic poisoning to the brain.

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    I picked up the $299 edition of the vagus nerve stimulator and discovered you can buy the 12Hz frequency (or any other) for just $29.

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    That was down the pipe. I could not wait to bolster my melatonin.

    Rhesus Study.

    The decalcification is essential. And it is much more complex that I am drawing here.

    I was using some pulse generators that wandered from the 12 Hz during a day's wearing. That bothered me. The tVNS system looks very consistent and accurate.

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    Yes. That was coming. But I did not want to wait. They accepted my over-warranty $299 device back and I bought the then, $600 Researcher Edition so that I could bolster my melatonin.

    Rhesus Study.

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