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    crystal recorder cell


    I have been keeping busy lately patenting the cure for Parkinson's Disease. I wanted to be certain that the procedural patent was securely sealed in time before I said that.

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    I have found that many confirmations come from The Book of Knowledge; Keys to Enoch.

    Look for Key 216, verse 6.

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    I have equipped myself with three EPHOD breastplates. See I Samuel; Chapter 2, the latter half. That reveals my special diet of lean sirloin and that Hannah wove crystals into little Samuel's coat while he grew up in the Temple.

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    P.S. I should add that there is no such thing as Parkinson's Disease. The most common manifestation of "Parkinson's" is caused by consuming GMO foods (glyphosate) with aluminum from commonly used pots and pans. I say there is no such thing in the same breath that there is no such thing as breast or prostate cancer. And I say it because of how chasing after a mythical diagnosis is a waste of time and money.

    For cancer - there are about twenty different identified metastasis of reproducible cell mutation and maybe eight or ten of those have reliable known cures. These metasticise most often where there is harmful bacteria growing, in the mammary glands and the prostate. If you want to cure breast cancer, just properly identify the tumor and if the cure exists, apply the cure. If it does not exist, refine a cure. The thing is that nobody seems to fund that next cure for a specific type of tumor. Everybody goes on thinking there is such a thing as breast cancer.

    I guess I will have to stop calling it Parkinson's Disease now.

    She has aluminum/glyphosate symbiotic poisoning of her pineal gland that has caused injury to her pineal gland, affecting her natural melatonin production that has in turn effected her sleep patterns. This has weakened her endocrine system to the point her gut/brain axis has allowed for her to grow an abundance of clostridioidus difficile in her colon, releasing in turn large doses of S. cresol (phenol) into her blood, injuring her brain. This has made her brain more susceptible to gathering plaques like Lewy bodies, beta amyloid and prions from alpha nucleic proteins which she produces in abundance by genetic predisposition. These brain injuries cause spongiform encephalitis (holes in her brain tissue) and that develops the outward symptoms of neurodegeneration, weakening her entire system and subjecting her deeper to the aluminum/glyphosate poisoning - feeding into the entire cycle all over again.
    It is so much easier to say, Parkinson's Disease!

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    Especially important to my point is Key 311, Verse 35;

    The template recorder cell sends out thought-forms of information which are continually active in space. Forms of advanced physical intelligence can directly tap into this information if they have a crystalline network within their brain cavity. For this reason the brains of advanced individuals will reveal the right and left hemispheres fused and a small crystal recorder cell or third brain transposing the language of the Higher Evolution into the vernacular.

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    Name:  Crystal recorder cell in right frontal lobe Enoch Keys p444 s.jpg
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    P.S. I have added an important article about myeloconia - biocrystal antennae in the pineal gland!

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    Oh, you have very high genetic predisposition to larger brain volume (100th percentile) and to larger cortical surface area (98th percentile) which is positively correlated to Parkinson's disease yet you have no symptoms of PD?
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    Onset by sporadic and genetic predisposition

    Nice! Somebody is paying attention.

    I knew there was a way to study reports but my way is to generate independent inquiries. It was a lot of time into it, before I discovered the reports in the Library at Nebula.

    I will not restate the obvious because my medical conditions are private. [THE OBVIOUS: I would not have a patent on the cure for Parkinson's Disease if I was exhibiting sporadic or genetic predisposition symptoms.] What I would like to point out is the morphing polymorphism (4) in the inquiry. In quantum mechanics this is akin to the Schrodinger's Cat theory and super-string super symmetry dynamics where before I began sealing the timeline with a screenshot, I was healing my DNA as it went. But now, all of the readers may correctly assume I made four mistakes my first run through the many polymorphisms.

    I have come to find that science is more open to epigenetic plasticity than I would originally presume.

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    Relating to Brain Volume and Longevity

    This interesting article appeared today. Attached.

    I feel that I am on the blessed side (greater intelligence and health) of larger brain volume. Not the cursed side.
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