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Thread: At the Top of the Pyramid - YHVH

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    At the Top of the Pyramid - YHVH


    I have seen this pyramid in some various forms.

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    Mind you, that I also believe gold is fine white powder, when I express my agreement with the above pyramid structure.

    I have to qualify that with what you are probably not paying any attention to - those tentacles at the top, in the chessboard pattern. Rather than indicated as angels, I think of those as fellow Creator Gods in Unity like we find in Genesis, Chapter 1 and Psalm 82 as a Court before which YHVH appeared.

    Interestingly if you look closely the background chessboard pattern inverts upon itself in a vortex that encompasses the entirety of the pyramid. To me, that symbolizes the individuation or Fall of Metatron. Not that I can agree with this woman's entire communication but she equates Metatron with YHVH of the Bible, much like I do. And if you study Sir Laurence Gardner for a bit you realize that I AM THAT I AM, or YHVH as acronym, was Jethro the alchemist on the smoky mountain in Arabia. The man who could turn gold into fine white powder. Therefore it is prudent to refer to the Lord God of KJV as Metatron, rather than YHVH or Jethro.

    Thus the entire universe depicted in the pyramid structure is only a small segment of reality created by one Creator God who decided to become "separated" from the Collective. That separation was Error or the Fall of Metatron and it created a new Matrix of calamity we feel as isolation. He, Metatron/YHVH looked upon this abomination to Unity anyway and self-declared it "Good". Yet it is obvious that everybody is feeding off of everybody else in a negative entropy and retrogressive evolution under a dying star.

    In other words, in the vast reality outside our universe, people are living completely unaware that they are individuals because they feel no separation from each other - mainly because they have no bodies. They are spiritual beings like us but because of the physics of ego-individuation created by Metatron's Fall we become anchored in our consciousness to a particular experience that is quite convincing in His Image - Metatron as the model individuator.

    Thus arises the Law. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. That is the key to behaving like you are one with your neighbor and defeating the delusion that we are ever alone.

    One key for understanding this is methylene blue. It would seem quite counterintuitive to be drinking a dye that permanently stains stainless steel. But upon study adenosine triphosphate - ATP - is a Tesla circuit. The coronal discharge from the coil is collapsing to adenosine diphosphate - ADP - and then quickly building back to the triphosphate molecule to do it again, providing energy to cells for animation. This activation uses energy poorly when fueled by photosynthesis, especially meat-provided by grain and grass-fed animals. However, by dying the mitochondria blue one shifts its color, or responsiveness to light into the boiled transition metals from the Asteroid Belt - meteors and meteorites like ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements). This frees one from the trappings of a dying star and we begin to feed on much higher energy from an ancient supernova.

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    The lineage is abreviated but two templates are shown at the top, on the left. I know it is difficult to read and I would like to find this picture in higher resolution.

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    We see a split, one of which is the CHRISTOS TEMPLATE. This is represented by Jesus CHRIST, who promised that we would do greater miracles than He did. This correlates well with my "gods like us" doctrine about the Apple being monatomic transition elements, mainly gold. If you follow this family tree information (ahnentafel) on the left you will find Jesus but the lineage fully transparent.

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    Not the son of Joseph. This is where we take a big turn from the traditional. Sarah and Abraham never produced any children, that is an assumption made by the religious reading. But even so a cursory Bible reading shows that Sarah slept with Pharaoh. This was Senruset III, son of Senruset II. We know the timelines of both the Bible and Egyptian history. Jesus was fathered Idumean, mothered by Levi. Mary was sister to Elizabeth, wife of the High Priest Zechariah. Jesus' biological father was Archelaus HEROD.

    This brings forth a big difference in the interpretation of Scripture.

    Abraham brought Sarah, his half-sister out of Ur their father Terah, mothers/wives Tehavita and Yoni respectively. The journey was for the genetic engineering we find right there in the Bible. Sarah became pregnant with Egyptian male Senruset III and was verified pregnant by his father Abimelech (father of the king) a few weeks later. There is some flowery embellishment but when you know what happened it jumps out in the Bible reading. Sarah's father was of Ishmael.

    That is the other tradition mind-bender.

    In the above factoids, Abraham is not the patriarch of the Israelites or the Jews (formed c 550 BC in Babylonian Captivity with the writing of the Holy Torah). Abraham is obviously patriarch to the Arabic Nations through Hagar and Ishmael. So the sons called Israelites - Abraham, Ismael and Jacob are all in the Edomic (Red) traditional bloodline. Ergo we find Patriarch ABRAXAS fathering Jesus the CHRIST, in Idumean Archelaus HEROD.

    I have no doubt that there are corollaries and parables quite accurate throughout the higher realms. Just the same I try my best not to accept things on faith when pondering physics and Egyptian history written in stone solves the mysteries for me.

    Another half-brother incident along the way is in ancient Mesopotamia with two sons of Anu - the Anunnaki. Enlil wanted for the slave class (ADAMAH) genetic breeding to remain ignorant and without spiritual awakening. He wanted to deprive them of the manna, the monatomic gold benefits. He is akin to LORD YHVH of the Bible commanding Adam and Eve to stay away from the MTZKTX. But Enke, his half brother and apparently the other contemporary rulers were of the opinion that the new ADAMIC servants should be enlightened - Gods like Us. This of course is juxtaposition of ORME to the Apple in the Garden of Eden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcel View Post
    Interesting. I found the artist here:

    and hi-res image HERE.
    Thank you for looking around. I think that is the same resolution that I have been showing here. I can almost read the entire thing.

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    David Merrill;

    My first impression was: Fun-house Mirror - providing a very distorted reflection.

    The old "Egyptian" doctrine was born from Vedic doctrine, imho. But I'm feeling Greek atm, so I'm going to write a bit from that lexicon, very briefly.

    The "Sun" at the top is what I call Logos (aka The Father, aka I Am or I Am that I Am, aka Jewel at the center of the Lotus flower).

    Logos is a real thing in both Brain (medical) & Mind (psychological).

    It is the Source of a unique type of thought called Epiphany, both Major and Minor Epiphanies originate from it.

    In the Brain, a group of neurons "light up", and in Mind, this may appear as a Singularity that looks like a Star...

    As the Light radiates from this point, it starts as white light, then in Higher Gnosis, it becomes the 3 primary Rays, then the 7 hues, then 12... etc. Still in higher Gnosis, this starts to form images in the Minds Eye that become more formed into clearer image in Lower Gnosis.

    At this point, Ego is able to put these things into form like a blueprint or words of some kind.

    Here are a few graven images (don't make a God of them), specific to this subject matter from a couple of inspired works:

    Name:  Logos_Labled_1.jpg
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    As an aside, the financial solution put into words in the Congressional Order 101 initiative was an Epiphany.

    The guy building Stonehenge in his backyard, solo, had an Epiphany.

    Here's a Music Video that was inspired by an Epiphany:

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