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Thread: Nice to be among Friends !

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    This looks like the thread to chime in on... been about 8-9 years for me now. Nice to see old sui juris people alive an well.

    Hope I am not bringing any unwanted heat in my wake, but you are all Olympic caliber swimmers and Evil Leviathan hunting True Hearts.


    Christopher Theodore

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    Simple Minds - Don't you forget about me

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    Wonderful to see you posting here again.
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    Michael Joseph;

    Glad to see you as well. I've been busy on the various social media sites (got banned from all of them except X - and the Twitter technocrat cult was already messing with me). I miss the quality but felt to spend some time giving to the masses for a time.

    Apologies if I came a bit hot and heavy and disturbed the peace here a bit. I hope the bit of record I created on that "moot court?" thread clarified who that accusation was NOT including. I know some people like to jump to conclusions and are looking for ammo to try and mess with the researchers and seekers of truth.


    Christopher Theodore

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