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Thread: Two traffic stops snubbed.

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    "Therefore in application for license one Undertakes FBO himself of whom he/she is a member of the Public Trust. Therefore one Undertakes in quasi-contract."

    I have not seen any evidence of that for Indiana. I have found court cases defining a license as permission from the state to take part in a state regulated occupation. I have found it effective to affirm that I was traveling by right and not by occupation, within my private automobile. I have also focused on the court, not really caring what a license is or represents. The courts have rules, and the infraction process does not follow those rules. By Indiana law (statute), any statutory process within the courts that contradicts the approved rules of court (approved by the supreme court), that statute is without force or effect. That is if you have mind enough to bring the matter to the attention of the court. It is a separation of powers issue. Making rules of court is a judicial act, requiring judicial power. The legislature has none.

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    They make the rules to fit arguments not abatements the lower court is a wild card it does bat shit crazy justice to ORDER. One without absolute jurisdiction can act civilian and criminal at the same time no rules. The rules are now facts it just takes the appearance of justice rule of law. as you have agreed with your appearance to take responsibility for justice . Law charges misdemeanor quasi felony charges. offences summary quasi indictable presuming a trial without rules is a Mans only choice is why a ruling is only on the facts being found guilty is not as guilty as pledging no guilt.Without being employed with the state how is it you get to appear as one that is then salaried with benefits and no process penalties.survey says. DL application or just begging to be employed long enough for a benefit warrants charges bills orders employee of the month i get it every january. often visit the pmkn patch thnx

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    Canadian r4c any hosers remember if the clerk was county meaning common law or that municipal window thing.

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