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Thread: "And now, the Rest of the Story". Calling Mr Walker Todd to the stand for the defense

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    Yes David, good posting...

    (d) Any interested person may request the court to approve a nonjudicial settlement agreement, to determine whether the representation as provided in Article 3 of this Chapter was adequate, and to determine whether the agreement contains terms and conditions the court could have properly approved. (2005‑192, s. 2.)

    There you go, the possibility of settling something non-judicially before a public court appearance ever happens.

    You are also correct on the latter, I cannot guarantee that the 1099-C thing will work for anyone else as it has done for me or others that have done it. I also cannot guarantee the frame of mind the clerk will be in at the time either for which you may have to go through red tape to accomplish the same thing. Due diligence of course is needed to find out exactly what 1099-C is for, just do not take my word for it. Next time I go get a copy of the driving record I will be sure to try and remember to post it here though.
    Thank you for posting that information about that possibility.

    When I feel a twang of anger to hear somebody saying that my ego around here comes off in my postings, I have to figure they are probably right. Especially when nobody else is chiming in with me in support.

    What you say though, to me anyway, is that you could run your process across your scanner and show us 'what worked for you' yet you will not do so. To me, that is teasing - at best. Worse though, is that you did not get the results you say or you are keeping the superfluous fluff about the 1099-C Form front stage when redeeming lawful money is what triggered setoff.

    If nobody else minds useless undetailed descriptions followed by lack of guarantee I guess I will bite my tongue.

    Here is a little more on it though for Motla68 to please point out some details:

    1099-C Form.

    The Instructions for both the debtor and the creditor are included in the Form. Please tell us in a little more detail how these are used to make a ticket or charge disappear?

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    This was another one of them things I did back in 2004 so I no longer have the copies of my work, but I can describe per your link to the form:

    - Creditors name is the Person you use, in federal ID field put the SSN (no dashes )

    - Debtors ID is the courthouse EIN if you can get it, otherwise leave it blank, debtor name is the courthouse , Account # is the case number.

    - put in date ticket was paid box 1, amount in line 2, leave line 3 blank.

    - Description put in " Settled Bonded Transaction ".

    - The rest leave blank.

    Should only take 2 weeks, no more then 3 weeks after they receive the paperwork. I would include a copy of the ticket or DMV printout if you can. Follow IRS form instruction of what copy of 1099C goes where.

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