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Thread: Current concern vs. possible actions...increasing global radioactivity ?

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    Question Current concern vs. possible actions...increasing global radioactivity ?

    Hello Folks.
    I am delighted to finally find this place !

    In light of the most devastating disaster our species has yet faced in the nuclear explosion popularly referred to as the 'Fukushima Disaster' one thing seems certain:
    The huge amounts of fissionables in use and stored at that site have been strewn about and mobilised in ways beyond measure.

    This elicits many questions in my mind, some of which are:

    What are the REAL long-term effects of such planetary & personal radiation exposure ?

    Is there ANY means or method for staying healthy under such exposure ?

    Has anyone been seeking/measuring for the recently arrived presences of plutonium and other such (commonly known to be directly deadly) radioactive substances ?

    Is there any way to grow and/or protect food from such exposure ?

    Has simply being out in the rain become a dangerous thing to do ?

    How radioactive are the oceans globally now ?

    Is sea-life (and subsequently seafood) becoming endangered ?

    I, personally, find it unbelievable that there has been news of public-service type announcements to the Japanese people telling them that plutonium is not dangerous and other such outright lies.

    It has also been widely posted that doctors there, when presented with clear symptoms of acute radiation poisoning/illness are telling everyone (starting with the patients) that they have no idea what these symptoms mean.

    I am a mere man with no fancy letters after my name - and even -I- recognize these lists of symptoms !!!
    How is it possible that a Dr. with higher learning degrees can NOT know such things ?

    If anyone has answers to any of the above (pressing...current ?) questions I would very much appreciate if you will share them.
    Best Wishes to All.


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    Thanks for Posting Deadalive;

    I am no expert about radioactivity and its risks. Your thread offers me an opportunity to learn though. I build a Geiger Counter and have a thoriated welding rod to calibrate it - more like test it to make sure it is detecting radiation by counting clicks per minute.

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    Greetings to you, David Merrill !
    I have been watching for the 'big thing' and all the stuff so many seem to worry about now for many, many years.
    Always thought it would be with a <BANG> and not a whimper, but I was mistaken.
    The worst has already happened and has also already slipped from notice, mostly.

    WWIII ?
    I suspect if there is such a thing it'll be between impoverished countries and in name only.

    De-population for/by the NWO gangsters ?
    Already done, it's 'program' commenced 3/11/11 and has already been largely forgotten & ignored by the masses...

    How it is EVEN possible for so many people NOT to know that 'nuke-you-lar power' is the use of fission to simply boil water - and that 'nuke-you-lar' waste is the gift that keeps on giving FOR-EVER, well, just colour me amazed....

    If nothing else, the widespread appearance of corium (<GASP>, a taboo word !!!) even many thousands of miles away from the (still current) disaster; AND that a great deal of that exact, single substance has a ==>HALF-LIFE<== of over 24000 years during which time it is directly deadly to warm-blooded life - even just in microscopic amounts - perhaps that should worry folks - maybe just a wee bit ???!

    Or not.
    Why bother worrying about things over which one has zero defense and even less control ?

    It has already been very quietly disseminated that otherwise normal, healthy children (the most susceptible group, apparently) are dying in widely spaced areas of Japan from heart attacks as a direct result of being exposed to another radioactive element which destroys muscle tissue.

    My closing thought upon all this right now is simply that we have no idea - no way of knowing what may befall us or when/how long the time factor may be, so->
    Best enjoy those you love and your life to the max TODAY, as we are living in the most uncertain times our species has ever seen.
    (When the proverbial 'other shoe' drops it isn't going to matter who is wealthy or who worked really hard or has the most toys.)

    PS: for anyone wishing to be better informed upon such subject matter, I recommend, which seems to be a very credible source of current as well as past information. For matters of planetary interest in other realms, there is a youtube poster named 'dutchsince' who stays very current.
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    Best Wishes to All.


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    i have looked everywhere but somehow i cant seem to fine the correct answer for this question please help

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    Hi Dead or Alive! :-)

    Mainstream news suppresses truth. It is that way by design.

    You may want to check out Natural News dot com, a non-mainstream news source. It covers concerns about Fukushima with reader commentary at the end of each article if you want to make a comment.

    One starting point for learning about long-term fall-out would be googling the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear explosion.

    The powers-that-be are not quick to admit facts, because if they did, it would make themselves a target and they would be lead to the gallows faster, so to speak. I believe the Japanese keep things quiet so as to not create panic or retaliation. Not that that's a good thing. But that's how it's done.

    I'm on the SoCal coast, and go to the beach a few times a month. I look for signs of the radiation, but it looks like business as usual. I have yet to observe any dead sea life washed onto the shore. Birds are still flying, fish are still jumping, people are still surfing. I'm not saying there's no effect from Fukushima, but I haven't observed it at all in my area.

    As far as health, there's potassium iodide tablets from the health food store. If I had symptoms of radiation illness, I would go with homeopathic remedies and acupuncture.

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