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Thread: Making $39 Notice and Demand

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Yes. That is the $39 case jacket - Miscellaneous. It however does not seem to have the stability for years like a $350 Libel of Review and you get no summons (unless approved by a federal judge like the IRS seeking a Summons in this kind of scenario) so there is no default judgment in your favor.

    One abnoxious deputy clerk in Denver would make up a rule that you could only file one document per $39 evidence repository!
    How exactly is the default judgment advantageous and useful?

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    Quote Originally Posted by InTheCrease View Post
    How exactly is the default judgment advantageous and useful?
    First I must apologize for deleting my traditional .zip Libel of Review on Google Docs. Now all my links around here do not work. Here is a link to a template.

    Here are examples of the Default Judgment.

    The default judgment is a stepping stone on a much longer journey. By doing one yourself, you learn that in lieu of a competent judiciary you are it. Any federal judge is a taxpayer; at least we might presume so. Therefore no federal judge is a neutral arbitrator and is recused from any tax matter by operation of law; Conflict of Interest.

    A real good example is abatement for misnomer. It registers and is indexed in the higher jurisdiction, the public notice of county clerk and recorder as Judgment. If called upon to perform as a defendant it is impossible to arraign a man:

    If you insist on changing my name it is impossible for me to understand the nature and cause of the accusation. I have not been arraigned and you cannot arraign me until you can explain to my satisfaction why you cannot correct my name in your court.

    However I have heard of a suitor or two cleaning up the credit reporting with the Default Judgment. But in most cases, one goes to debit cards for the convenience of plastic. Credit cards are an indictment contrary to redeeming lawful money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InTheCrease View Post
    How exactly is the default judgment advantageous and useful?
    Giving this some more thought...

    The point quoted is about stability over time. An antagonistic US clerk once decided that Miscellaneous Case files are for only one R4C. I think that is tidy. The LoR can be revived under the "exclusive original cognizance" clause of the 'saving to suitors' clause after years of being dormant. Just cry "breach of contract" and send the R4C back with a copy of the $350 receipt.

    But when I awaken in the night with such a lenthy post on my mind I certainly delve into the metaphysics - basically, that about the stepping stone above. I keep a MC evidence repository myself. And I have kept it for many years, possibly the ease by which I keep it open for use is that I nearly always use a professional process server and Certificate of Mailing services, fashioned and groomed over time. Even the Improper Seal problem has been solved...

    That is my process server's thoughtful message to the USDC deputy clerk.

    Part of proper record-forming is learning some rules of court, like Rules of Evidence. So if the US clerk of court sends material contrary to USPS Regulations (see 601.4.3), then you best send it back for the clerk to check the contents and resend under a proper seal, right?

    Cellophane and masking tape may not be used for closure or reinforcement of packages but may be used to augment closures on envelopes or to cover staples.
    The Default Judgment is therefore a stepping stone for example, for a couple to understand that constitutions are for implementation of self-governance, first through home rule and then through looking forward to convening court at the kitchen table around that USDC enclave out front, the mailbox. Adjudicating the day's process.

    If I believed there were a silver bullet, I would be promoting it instead of redeeming lawful money.

    One thing integral to authority is bonding. Government does this through oaths of office. Here for example the District Attorney is running a vacant office and trying to make everybody believe his contract (capture) with Traveler's Insurance for $5K cuts it? Imagine that! Even the authority for one single criminal conviction - $5K?

    Dan MAY's oath of office.

    So what is wrong with that? He avoided swearing to any superior authority by not swearing to God.

    Form of Oath.
    Form of Affirmation.

    So the only way to Affirm, is to do so under the authority of someone who has sworn to God.

    But Daniel MAY did not do that. He did not Affirm, he Swore with no authority!

    Does this mean I can break the law with immunity from prosecution? I don't believe so enough to try it out. But I believe that I could stump prosecution while they try to get his oath in order, meaning that there is a likelihood they would release me rather than to deal with the press questioning every conviction of Dan's career...

    But where I want you to explore is how I even spotted the error. Look at SUTHERS' Oath there. It is obviously a financial instrument! Not always so. He had to go through some growing pains to get to where he is properly bonded and in authority. Here is another example of authority vested in self-governance. Robert RUBIN announced his resignation in time for the 5:00 News, that same afternoon!

    Looking into the Instructions at the end of the LoR we find the Bond:

    3) default judgment. After 21 days the issue is ripe for default judgment. There is a bill of exchange on file with Richard Grasso NYSE since August 13, 2001 for all the money in the world to back your judgment by fidelity bond (secured confidence.) However, it is preferable to simply rely on the truth - that the defendant never filed in the appropriate district court prior to exercising a claim. Compared to the truth, the bill is only ink on paper; a representation of the Bible's original estate belonging to the rightful heirs. Nobody has challenged the bill to date but confidence in the truth goes a lot further and requires no citing the bill.
    Keep a record of the truth and you become the court of record. You hold the authority of the truth. No need to flash your paper expression of the bond, I suppose, but then I obviously do. There is heritage and destiny behind my actions and like spotting Dan MAY's vacant office, this requires keys to unlock the mysteries and other esoterics disclosed only to initiates like those of the Bar Associations and Masons etc. - Custodians of the Record.

    But there it is right in front of you when you find the keys without swearing along the way:

    The acts of a court of record are known by its records. Judicial records are not only necessary but indispensable to the administration of justice. The court judgments can be evidenced only by its records. The acts of a court of record are known by its records alone and cannot be established by parol testimony. The court speaks only through its records, and the judge speaks only through the court. Herren v. People, 147 Colo. 442, 363 P.2d 1044 (1961).
    The trick is to acquire access to the dreams and visions that will give you the keys.
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    I hear that the price of the $39 evidence repository has gone up to $46.

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    An additional strength would be, instead of stating, "...If I had known..." put, Nunc Pro Tunc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EZrhythm View Post
    An additional strength would be, instead of stating, "...If I had known..." put, Nunc Pro Tunc.
    I like the plain English better myself. Rather than to send somebody to a law dictionary or Greek translation. Lately I have added verbiage about "naked contract" into the Libel of Review. It is amusing how many years I have been using this definition for Name but had not noticed that I included Naked just above it!

    Absent benefit received (consideration) is dissent. An ignorant endorsement is a naked contract and null and void nunc pro tunc.

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    R4C CANADA its CLERKS ARE found IN the ONT SUPREME COURT.Having Court of Record its competence and jurisdiction over any and all matters invoicing property in True Bill and True Name. im thinking a county clerk not municipal any Canadian hosers done this. make me a snowball
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    I should do this. Don't want direct deposits to bank account considered a benefit from the Federal Reserve. Is this example still timely?

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    Yes. The first post is from Martin Earl. While driving across country I stayed with him and his wife a couple days. They are doing fine and he was teaching me several things about applying remedy. I had forgotten that as a suitor he had studied here too.

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    Martin Earl is one of my favorites.....after he stopped contributing here @ StSC, I managed to find the proverbial "needle in a haystack" over on godlikeproductions. He is such an enlightening man to learn from !

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