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Thread: UN-ICLEI Conspiracy: Activist Stacy Lynne Arrested

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    UN-ICLEI Conspiracy: Activist Stacy Lynne Arrested

    (Dec 23, 2011) Stacy Lynne Arrested, Her Son Taken From Her.

    This is a video of the events that transpired on 12-21-11 in Fort Collins Colorado. UPDATE- On Dec 29th Stacy appeared in court to face charges of "failure to comply". The Judge declared "NO CHARGE" and her bond was released. If there was no charge, WHY WAS SHE ARRESTED? Citizens across the country are raising money to help her pay $14,000 in court fees. If you would like to help Stacy, send check or money order to: The Benefit of Stacy Lynne Fund, P.O. box 1211 Arvada, CO 80001-1211. Email: For additional info call toll-free: 1-855 Our Rights

    The following video shows why she is being unlawfully harassed -- exposing the United Nations's ICLEI program which is targeting city governments throughout America in order to implement the UN's Agenda 21 under the guise of "being green.

    Must watch this video to the bitter end. - Shuftin

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    Municipal policy apparently.

    I do not put much credence in the social media for proper remedy. It sounds jaded but her son was not curled up in a ball and did not lead the retreat run. Sorry. What I mean though is that we are witness to only one side of this issue while hubby/father has been blowing paycheck after paycheck on an expensive attorney. This process of presenting evidence does not pass rules of evidence in favor of Stacey Lynne.

    On the other side of things though, it would have been nice if I could have talked to Stacey Lynne early on in the process and it is not too late even now. My guidance would have been to secure the oaths of office of every major actor in this custody battle and from the proper clerk. In Colorado that means any county employee/official is from the county clerk and recorder and any district judicial officer (district attorney) is from the Secretary of State.

    If she has been submitting to administrative process (vacant offices) by consent and acquiescence she has no recourse to cry about constitutional violations. But if some of the actors have vacant offices, or had vacant offices during any part of this process the social media angle may very well become effective. She would have something that musters passing rules of evidence in the judiciary and people might apply pressure on the judge (or maybe the judge has a vacant office?) to be wary.

    I think you can see by the deputy sheriff behavior that the social media tactic is nothing more than mildly annoying.

    P.S. I am not very excited to send my donations to hubby/father's attorney.

    P.P.S. In Colorado it is difficult to get this acknowledgement any more; the Secretary says they get in too much trouble!

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    A key legal point Stacey Lynne may have is about service of process. If Hubby/Father was not keeping her aware of the recent proceedings then her kidnap may have been justified. However I doubt a $14K attorney would have blinked on service of process.

    Applying this to my harsh post above though;

    If she is allowing process from vacant offices to proceed against herself and Jaden it is no surprise that mysterious things will occur issuing from the Bar Association - considering that the judge and magistrate are undoubtedly in it too.

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    I have been letting this cogitate.

    Stacey Lynne either ignored process or was not notified about process to get to the point where Hubby/Father was allowed by the court to go pick up Jaden at the school unaware.

    I would prefer she be showing me a Register of Action about the proceedings than to try convincing me that Hubby/Father is the bad parent with a bunch of defamatory ex parte hearsay. I have a certain distaste for people being attacked by social media.

    Stacey Lynne admits to kidnapping her son Jaden from the courthouse and tries to convince us that since the son led her to do it, that it was a legitimate kidnap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    P.P.S. In Colorado it is difficult to get this acknowledgement any more; the Secretary says they get in too much trouble!

    Sounds like they should be removed from office or alternatively one has to do it for them.

    I, ......................., having inquired with ......, Secretary of State of the State of ..................., as to whether Purported Official:

    JOHN SMITH, ...... {office}

    has filed an oath of office with said Secretary of State of the State of ................ and have to date failed to receive an affirmative response from said Secretary of State. Being that said Secretary of State has evidenced unwillingness to perform his/her duties I do hereby represent the following facts on behalf of the Secretary of State of the State of .....:

    * said Purported Official has failed to file an oath of office with the office of the Secretary of State of the State of ................

    I do hereby represent the following facts:

    The office that said Purported Official alleges to hold is vacant.
    Might be a good idea if one included in one's request an authorization to make a statement as to lack of record in the event the officer fails to reply in the affirmative. I made that up off the top so might be worth tweaking.
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    Thank you Allodial.

    I am distracted however by doctrine I recognize from the Libel of Review. If you look in the instructions at the end you will find some notes about mail. If you get a nuisance suit to the legal name an articulation is to Return to Sender; Not Residing Here.

    Seeing how Stacey Lynne presents herself in her true name I wonder if she has picked up on some of the truths about the LoR process?

    Possibly she began to think that by Returning Hubby/Father's process because it was addressed to her legal or full name that she could pretend she knew nothing about the court order that Hubby/Father could pick Jaden up at school?

    The doctrine assumes one thing primarily - judgment. If one decides to Return to Sender because of the presumption of legal name then one might have to live with that kitchen table-summary judgment.

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