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    For the demand upon the reverse of private credit, under the name of the IN GOD WE TRUST:


    What say ye?
    1. Know who you are
    2. Know who has the burden of proof
    3. NEVER argue
    4. Document and/or know your remedy

    I'll give you legal advice, as long as it's not illegal advice...

    I'm sure you think your religion is the only way to heaven, but I just can't buy it right now...

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    The execution is essentially in the demand - obviously in the plain English:

    They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand...

    When you become keen to the operation of law behind it, you will never sign anything without it being to your advantage to do so. Sure! There are a lot of win-win situations, even with private credit from the Fed I suppose. But I have a couple examples:

    I was driving a woman recently to a "procedure" in Denver. When the procedure was over the nurse got me from the waiting area and showed me to her in Recovery. The nurse gave me two, two-page documents for her two procedures and wanted me to sign as the Responsible Person. My first conditioned thought was that the papers meant that she was groggy from the anesthetic and painkillers so I was taking responsibility for driving her home. However that was a presumption as it could as well have been read that I was taking full responsibility for her bills!

    There was this conditioned momentum going though; the nurse was just the right age of 58 and of a posture to make me feel that I was legally bound to the tradition of signing away my consent to be responsible for the woman/patient! I pulled my camera and was photographing the papers and intentionally having troubles with the focus so that she would leave us. She did. When she returned for the papers they were folded up, unsigned in my back pocket. She demanded them back and I gave them back as the conditioning was beginning to embarrass the young woman/patient. But I informed the nurse that I would not be signing the papers. She made a big deal of taking this News back to the nurses' station and calling a meeting!! It would seem pretty quickly that she was quashed in her efforts and time for the patient to dress herself so I left the curtained area and another pretty young nurse did her best to apply charm and authority, softly demanding that I could not leave the Recovery Area until I had signed the papers. I chuckled and informed her that would not be happening and she let up immediately.

    I love studying cash refunds.

    I am sure that it is pretty global in the States that when you demand a cash refund the cashier will present you with some kind of paper requiring your signature. Best Buy or Office Depot are good examples. I have gotten pretty bold over time about this. I like when they hand me a clipboard with everybody else's signatures from before me. I pull out my camera and take a photo of all the signatures, as the cashiers are so perplexed they will allow that - gaping in shock! It is usually not until I have lifted the second or third page of signatures that they work up the nerve to approach my audacity. I enjoy taking advantage of the line forming too. Especially when presented a naked contract. I like to start asking questions especially since the cash is usually in my wallet by that time anyway. If I am in a peaceable mood though I will write, N/A or Lawful Money on the signature line. If the cashier objects you can count on me to take him up on the invitation to lecture to the people waiting in line about endorsement v. redeeming lawful money. You can imagine, that any of these techniques is much more entertaining and only a little more time-consuming than to turn over your property rights to the cash.

    Interesting you titled this "Project". Is the accent on the first or second syllable?


    David Merrill.
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