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Thread: hello dm

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    Quote Originally Posted by shikamaru View Post
    I've read your posts thus far. They are vague without any specifics.
    yes they are,

    like i mentioned earlier in one of my posts on "the name thing" thread,
    i would have to write a chapter if i wanted to fully detail all my finds,
    maybe even a small book,

    i just want to hit the points of interest to try to explain the whole picture with out getting into to much detail,

    i have run out of time,
    i am off hunting for a week,
    be back around monday or so,

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    Quote Originally Posted by walter View Post
    perhaps if you read my last post in
    "The Name thing. " on page 8
    you will see what i am getting at and you should find the answers to your questions there,

    did you in the usa at the beginning of every school day pledge an allegiance?
    get them when their young, sad but true,
    we had "oh canada" in the morning and "god save the queen" last thing,
    i think today they have dropped "god save the queen"
    This all speaks of mental conditioning. Shikamaru is requesting details of the express (writings). There is none apparently. The pledge is executed by repeatedly holding your hand over your heart and chanting together in unity. This certainly forms a constructive system of pledging. However it is easy to get out from under this assumpsit as unwrapping your mind from the conditioning.

    I hope you come back to this discussion with a freezer-full!

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