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Thread: Declaration of trust

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    Declaration of trust

    An assertion by a property owner that he or she holds the property or estate for the benefit of another person, or for particular designated objectives.

    The term also signifies the deed or other instrument that contains the statement—which may be either written or oral, depending upon the applicable state law.

    declaration of trust n. the document signed by a trustor (settlor) creating a trust into which assets are placed, a trustee is appointed to manage the trust (who may be the party who created the trust), the powers and duties of management of the principal and profits of the trust are stated, and distribution of profits and principal is spelled out. (See: trust, trustee, trustor, settlor)

    Is the U.S. Constitution a deed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shikamaru View Post
    Is the U.S. Constitution a deed?
    I think it must be. What else could it be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Alan View Post
    I think it must be. What else could it be?
    It is a:

    - deed
    - power of attorney document
    - treaty (compact)
    - charitable trust (public trust)
    - corporate charter establishing the public corporation styled government of the United States
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