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    Resulting trust

    This is a trust relationship, that can be formed without even involving you as a party when it is breached, where you pick up the responsibility as trustee - therefore you are trustee of the resulting trust; the trust that resulted, and was available for adoption (affiliation). It is as though the trust is a child and its father abandoned it, making it like a bastard.

    I learned about resulting trusts from a suitor when I opened the second or third Rejection to publish my $20M lien. For two Rejections the SoS had been threatening me with a Class 5 Felony case for using the State of Colorado Great Seal of Authority to describe the collateral on the lien. For reasons you might easily understand, the SoS did not want to acknowledge the venue where the agent lived existed - The Colorado Republic. So they offered (dared?) me to accept being trustee for the resulting trust - they were in breach of contract as DREW had paid them to be the trustee of the express trust (Articles of Incorporation). Notice how the SoS would have been admitting full cognizance of the Republic.

    I accepted the appointment and the SoS published my lien as well. Resulting trusts are I am sure, very rare. I would not have even made sense of why the SoS included DREW's AoI without the brain trust and a God-sent synchronicity where the suitor called me on another matter while I was opening the Rejection.


    David Merrill.
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    A resulting trust is a quasi-contract.

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    This train of thought boils over to my most recent post. A man and woman fornicating is Knowledge and common law marriage. - A quasi-contract. Signing a marriage license creates an express trust with the State. It is a Resulting Trust because it shows a falling out between the couple and God. The Certificate of Marriage found in most Bibles, properly signed by two competent witnesses serves as an express contract of marriage.

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