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Thread: Generic Notice and Demand - $350 civil suit

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    Redeem before sending out certified NaD?

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    Bentley, David prepared the generic suit (which exceeds the requirements for a simple generic demand for lawful money) as an example for me, as I was contemplating suing the Federal Reserve to make them enforce the demand on Bank of America, which has been offering to stonewall my demand. The key here is that the demand, based in Federal law at 12 USC ยง411, is self-executing: the law says explicitly 'they shall be redeemed on demand...' Thus all you have to do is make the demand ('Just say the word and I shall be healed'). Whether the bank responds correctly to your demand is not your problem; specifically, it is the Federal Reserve's problem, as they are designated as supervisors of the banks. Presumably you are at the adjunct where you are contemplating making the demand, in which case you can skip suing the Fed; just use the text specific to your demand, and serve it on your bank (a Certified Letter with return receipt requested is sufficient). Your copy of the letter/demand, plus your return receipt, proves that you made the demand, and that the bank received notice of your demand. At that point, you have redeemed lawful money, and transactions at that bank are now outside the jurisdiction of Title 26, ie, they are not taxable income. Does this clear up your confusion?

    Are you able to start redeeming lawful by endorsing the back of the check before you send out the NaD that will be served to the bank? Is there somewhere I can read to what exactly can be redeemed as lawful money?

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    If you begin thinking of redemption as non-endorsement I believe you will start to understand your own subsequent questions.

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    thanks david, i referred back to one of the articles you authored and to another section on forum where you seem to elaborate more, I think I'm starting to make this a little more complicated than it has to be. The problem for me personally is the learning process, I am more of a hands on learner, and with the redeeming process I've been gathering too much information without putting it into context of actually working with it, so it feels as if I'm jumping around. But with some of the videos and audio files I've found on here it seems to be helping.
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    Are [Federal] Reserve Bank employees government employees?

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