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Thread: Transmitting utility vs. Tranceiver utility

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    Quote Originally Posted by EZrhythm View Post
    David, do you feel it would have been beneficial to add "VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW" to your certificates?
    I have stayed away from them ever since. In addition to theft they accused forgery because the POMC's looked too much like traditional checks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EZrhythm View Post
    There is no need to attempt to set up these presumed "treasury" accounts as the United States is already under obligation. I have had numerous successes with sending an account statement back to the issuer with this written across it; "This name and account number are the property of the United States. Please forward to the owner in care of the Treasury of the United States"
    Who would the owner be? The social security office or vital statistics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Something quite significant is that lately the USDC's seem to have adopted a no cash policy? More on that elsewhere. I am still processing a mental model around this new development.
    They have a right to refuse cash as federal reserve notes are only legal tender for federal reserve banks and their agents. The only purpose for them according to 12 USC § 411 is to provide advances to the federal reserve banks. They aren't to be used to pay for court filings.

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