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Thread: Why the Angels Rebelled: A Perspective

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    Couldn't have summed that up that notion any better...

    Therein lies the danger of treating ALL of scripture as merely allegorical (though even the allegorical spin doesn't apply in this case). If you knowingly rebel against the God of the Bible and Creation, intentionally make war with God's set-apart nation of people (true Israel) and reject Jesus the Christ as LORD and Savior, there can be no brother or sister in that camp.
    Amazes me how people think that because you can interpret something on multiple levels and that somehow that defuses "everything" to illusory, wobbly, malleable allegory-symbolism (the same tactics are used on state constitutions). Reality is not an illusion, though holographic it is hardly an illusion. Very likely, the reason we can read something on multiple levels is because we exist on more than one level.

    ârûwm, aw-room'; passive participle of H6191; cunning (usually in a bad sense):—crafty, prudent, subtil.
    The serpent was the most subtil beast of the field, therefore its tactics for throwing someone off the rails are subtle (they aren't designed to be obvious so things would be presented in a way to prevent the victim from being alarmed). "Oh if you incorporate these doctrines into your reality its just fine because you shall be deathless (athanatos)" or "Ya know its all just symbolic". Perhaps its fair to call a tractor trailer bearing down at someone at 100 mph 'symbolic': symbolic of potential destruction, death or injury.

    Nedry perpetrates evil. Note, the first thing that the dragon does is blind him before that he loses his glasses. That's not sunshine and wisdom coming out of the dragon's mouth.

    You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me. John 5:39
    Note, the Serpent spoke of 'deathelessness' to Eve, later you find some searching the scriptures for 'deathelessness'. I wonder if they were looking for codes and allegories and ignoring the actual plain text?
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