• Welcome to 'Saving to Suitors' Club!

    by Published on 03-03-11 07:58 AM

    Welcome to 'Saving to Suitors' Club!

    I would like to share this audio interview now on 12/30/12.

    Now it is 11/16/14!

    Thanks and Welcome to StSC! I have been writing about religion lately but still take a look every day. The quality of posts is very encouraging.

    Now it is 10/6/2012!

    I have been satisfied with the Welcome introduction below for quite some time now. This forum is a very pleasing reading stop about American remedy. It has been very rewarding and enjoyable. Lately the number of guests has been picking up dramatically and many of the guests are registering and posting too.

    From before:

    I am honored to be able to participate in the formation of a website where we as Americans (Canadians too) can improve access to remedy and property rights in our lives. Just earlier this evening I received an email:

    Dear Mr Merrill, I have enjoyed reading your theory's and investigations of the Federal Reserve System and others, I just want to inquirer about additional information and participate or read other information, do you have a web sight? I'm interested in further education and knowledge, so if you have the time please write back, I have a great deal of information on the subjects that are "colourful " in there true nature thank you for your time.
    [Please note that I have updated this post below a week later and plan to continue updating it as time goes on.]

    While this website is not exactly mine, I have the opportunity to share my knowledge with readers on the Internet here; and am hoping to learn a lot as well.

    The term 'saving to suitors' comes from the Judiciary Act of 1789 as you see on the banner. It is because of such foundation in law that in 1913 when Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act it was required that they write the remedy from the new elastic currency into the Act. In context you should keep in mind that the charter for the Fed banks was for a twenty year term, so we found that the banks using Fed notes were preparing to run the Fed in 1933 and you have most likely already heard of this landmark year because of FDR's Bankers' Holiday, which opened the Fed to contracting in a new trust with the people in general. The 1913 remedy had to be amended to accomodate FDR's simultaneous gold seizure.

    All in all though, your remedy is still written into the law at Title 12 U.S.C. §411. To verify that, click here and also notice the Notes.


    1934—Act Jan. 30, 1934, struck out from last sentence provision permitting redemption in gold.
    There are other aspects and details to refining this remedy and through a brain trust of suitors, practical application of proper identity, evidence repository (record-forming) and redemption of lawful money we have increased our understanding of trusts (contracts) and improved our right to highest title. By and large though, the simplest interpretation is the best one:

    They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand...

    This means that the only action required by you is to make your demand.

    Many suitors and myself enjoyed a website that recently failed named SuiJurisClub. This website is of similar format and expected to surpass SJC for an entertainment and educational chat room. I suggest that you might want to explore my lesson plan posted here. I have started several threads that you might register and join in about, or just read the opening posts and decide if this is making sense to you.


    David Merrill.

    This announcement thread is stuck to the top, and so I am updating it by edit.

    I was speaking with Admin this morning marvelling at the rate of growth here. I will definitely be relenquishing any responsibility for being able to read and properly respond to posts. I grabbed a lion's share of topical threads about remedy in America and now need to stay focused there to improve the Lesson Plan for those interested.

    Remarkably we began to understand how and why this Website is extraordinary and unique. The 'backbone' so to speak is not just my knowledge being an intelligence nexus between many suitors as sensory nodes, but that has now expanded in this forum as a place for the suitors and members to share experiences directly, plus my vicarious anecdotes and supporting images and documentation as well! As time moves forward, and communications technology develops, we took the time and expense to grab a state of the art medium that can be expanded and upgraded as we wish and need.

    I believe we are going to be witnessing a new creature educating people about the simplicity of remedy as it exists in the law.

    It might well be that language is falling short of what I am trying to say because I am trying to describe something I see forming before me - a work in process if you will. So look for a moment at a monument from several years ago that has helped me form my idea that I am trying to portray.

    Rethinking Boundaries in Cyberspace.

    That link should not be given without this one.