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    I put some 5MHz sweep into tickling the capsid and discovered that it was not people on their 5G cell phones in the restaurants so much as it was the server farm band, teaching SARS how to develop into the novel COVID-19.

    Name:  tickle and waggle capsid COVID-19.jpg
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    The capsid functions like a Faraday cage protecting the RNA composing COVID-19. It developed uncanny wisdom developing a new neuropeptide attractant to the Type II pneumacite in the alveoli, the tiny air sacs where the blood gas exchange takes place. This alters the surfactant level (surface tension) of the blood plasma leaking water into the air sacs. Pneumonia is perfect if non-fatal because it causes the victim to cough on his hands and pass that on to work and school and the doctor to pass it patient to patient...

    The way to devitalize it once internally manifest is to tickle the capsid with a waggle - a signal that simulates life so that the capsid thinks it is safely in the chi filled plasma of a living cell. I call it waggle like a little puppy wiggles around to tell mom, I'm a keeper! The less vital runt will be shunned as the bitch finds herself conserving resources for the best chance pups.

    Name:  protein neuropeptide dimension.jpg
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    Think of the scaffolding protein forming the icosohedron as a geodesic dome of metal antennas.

    This causes the capsid to disassemble and expose the RNA to the devitalizing resonant frequencies already discussed here - wrapping the earbud cord around your cell phone while it is on a call.

    The evolution was inspired by the adrenaline within the proteins of mixed raw exotic meat butchered in the Wuhan kitchens. The unaffiliated raw meats on the elite $10K/plate are from separate food chains; kangaroo (Australia), lion (Africa) and giant squid (California) are unlike - unlike gazelle eating lion poop on the grass while the lion eats gazelle and poops on the grass. Drowning in gastric juice is cruel even for live protein. Thing is, protein is much smarter than we think.

    At first I suspected that people on their 5G cell phones were supplying the intelligence for this smart-evolution but was only partially correct. When I took a look the server farms are utilizing the frequency, exactly what I had calculated for the resonant frequency.

    Name:  water hole COVID-19 capsid horn figures.jpg
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    Those calculations are old in the image. Instead of 57 nm for the antenna as one side of any triangle it is 80 nm, more accurately. So the capsid is tuned to 5.048 GHz in the 5G band and that is not only in the heart of worldwide web intelligence it is smothering and jamming the waggle! So the source of the intelligence about human behavior is also protecting the capsid from being fooled into premature disassembly.

    Name:  5G server farm highlighted cancellation at 5048 MHz.jpg
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    Do you see how it actually cancels the peak amplitude at the exact frequency? I am not sure that I am explaining this clearly to the layman. Now we carry all this intelligence into the 5G band we are feeding this information quite loudly to this large virus, that is tuned in to conference calls, social media and all. Even TRUMPS unintelligent Tweets and the Federal Register where he publishes his Executive Orders.

    Interestingly COVID-19 is transmitting back on 5.048 GHz 180° out of phase.

    Discovering that this is all happening is no big surprise, but it really fills me with awe how powerful the simple will to survive can be.

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    What do we have over this novel intelligent virus, that can actually transmit a strong and equal 180° out of phase jamb to my waggle?

    We should decalcify our pineal glands. We can apply small amounts of potassium iodide for a decade - done.

    The manna set aside by Enke YEHOWAH was destroyed in 1904 by archaeologist Flinders PETRIE who thought it was wood ash. Few even know about his discovery much less to ponder why the ancient Sumerian/Mesopotamian/Egyptian cultures would be depleting pounds of gold for fine white powder, only to store it in Hathor Temple?

    Name:  manna monatomic gold powder.jpg
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    Magnesium is a very clever way to cleanse your pineal gland. Fullerenes adsorb readily with DNA like in the image above.

    Name:  fullerene organic nanocrystal myeloconia.jpg
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    This glass of magnesium is freshly started but I will show it to you in a few hours.

    Name:  Magnesium monatomic 2V 100 mA 24 hr.jpg
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    Name:  Magnesium monatomic 2V 100 mA 24 hr power supply.jpg
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    The mulberry concretions block reception of the divine symphony and cosmic orchestrations by the pineal gland and chakras:

    The "dead" pathogenic calcium deposits serve like the antenna protein scaffolding the same as the Faraday shield protecting the COVID-19 RNA.

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    Name:  Myeloconia bliss implantation.jpg
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    Peel off the mulberry hydroxyapatite concretions (calcification) from around the pineal gland just like we disassemble the capsid from around the COVID-19 RNA. Then the biomineralization can have the true effect mean in nature. The manna only fires the ego as priest. It is the bacterium forming the image of God. The opposing thumbs, the expanded cranium, fire, the Internet, the server farms and data silos just serve one purpose - for us to feed God in our bellies. Fire the priest, wherever and whenever you detect him.

    I have no address in my consciousness for COVID-19. - said a man with a very efficient brain.

    P.S. Here is a great Find!

    Name:  Magnesium decalcification.jpg
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    stabilized brains

    I dabbled into a thread on cybercurrency and speak of the server farm band a little more. I think it possible that this thread is just too difficult to fathom for people to dedicate any time to:

    Name:  homeland security front building.jpg
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    Name:  homeland security server backup.jpg
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    Most of the generators are dedicated to cooling I am sure. Just focusing on the generators we have power at 60 Hz and this sinusoidal waveform is electrodynamic (AC) rather than electrostatic. The dynamics is change or evolution, while electrostatic reverses the GMO, restoring to the Sumerian state, the Shining Ones prior to the Anunnaki before Anu.

    Name:  Laurence GARDNER books Genesis & Bloodline Holy Grail.jpg
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    This is just where it begins to become interesting for me. By accessing the genome on recalls and remembers. But to undo the Jew, for example - where the male Hebrews were castrated and the females bred into the Three Kings Magi. That was affected through the Ebner Effect.

    So we simply restore the actual DNA and await the physical manifestation of homo sapiens, homo sapien. The global conscience is 30,000 BC already. You too can experience it for yourself:

    Name:  electrostatic field generator USB ionic air purifier.jpg
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    It tingles and even stings a little, but for a few bucks you can take the Grand Tour of the universe. Beginning to end. I used zinc with mine as it is a negative ion pump. Be sure to use a healthy conductor.
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    Name:  Magnesium monatomic 2V 100 mA 24 hrs.jpg
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    After 24 hours there is an accumulation of magnesium oxide rusting out the anode, to the left. There is minor pitting and bubbling on the cathode on the right but at 2 Volts the water content is suspended monatomic exotic matter.

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    The Arc actually is an arc

    There is a great movie, The Man from Earth about Jesus. When his contemporaries inquire for proof they demand to see the scars. He says, "I do not scar."

    This is beyond DNA correction and rectification; this is GMO reversal. Notice that only deviant DNA (scar tissue) is affected. My finger smells of seared flesh.

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    intelligent design

    I have imported this post from the other "Red Pill" thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by lorne View Post
    Have you all been enjoying the Summer of Love? Or, the Scamdemic 2020? Yes, it has all the markings of a conspiracy. Novel coronavirus isn't causing nearly as many deaths as feared. And there are many effective treatments for SARS & novel coronavirus; some known for many years. In fact, Dr. Borody says “We Know it’s Curable; It’s Easier than Treating the Flu”.

    Hasn't effected me much - still working, still truckin along. Sometimes I'll even complete a shopping trip without a mask. My Walmart isn't accepting cash right now though and some other stores complain of a coin shortage.

    Here is a good example of intelligent design -

    Name:  slug metal jacket 50mm (4).JPG
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    It is a good example regarding COVID-19 because some might presume its objective is to kill, and be deadly. Untrue. It happens to kill the young and the old with pneumonia. The COVID-19 objective is to thrive in hosts. So it is keeping the host alive but coughing and spreading the virus.

    The lead weights the slug but the metal jacket will keep it intact and so it goes right through a soldier. The objective is not to kill the soldier but disable him so to take two other soldiers out of the battle helping him. Intelligent design.

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    biocosmetric sonoluminescence


    I think I would like to write about you.

    I recently heard about this and wondered if we need to include them in our class action paperwork too?

    Have a great weekend.

    Always, thank you guys for everything.

    You, the brain trust own everything. I literally own the property at Wall and Water Streets, among other things. Among everything.

    Name:  Wall and Water Streets.jpg
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    This ownership arises from an understanding of physics. Also lienholder, as owner arises from being trustee of resulting trust. So before you dismiss the claim please make some room in your imagination for the bonds and other claims within the clearinghouse at 50 Water Street, stored in the basement in a water tight vault. Except the news reported that 50 Water Street, the basement was flooded during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. So failure to protect the actual claims is the breach of trust.

    Name:  Wall and Water Streets skyscrapers.jpg
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    Name:  Bill of Exchange September 11 2001.jpg
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    It is redundant for me to explain through the statistical probability that 370 and 371 years are Key to comprehending the Five Cube Sum Number Locks (again). For that matter, cognitive dissonance sets in understanding that the 1629 claim of Charter cited on the Bill of Exchange matches 371 years to the 370 years from the August 13 land patent (1630). So it makes perfect sense that the 30 Day Judgment was September 11, 2001. The Proof of Service original was served on Richard GRASSO, then Chairman of the NYSE.

    Name:  August 13 Patent 1630.jpg
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    Name:  pentagram signature spiral.jpg
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    Jacob's Ladder quite literally is the name of the circuit. The unity is capital integration.

    You might want to take a nap, or at least daydream for a moment.
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    Welcome Strategic Intelligence

    Strategic Intelligence likely will never notice my invitation to this thread but I am going to post it again anyway. I cured the world of SARS in 2003 with the DSO raw data subtraction for extracting the signet, sent to Beijing.

    Put bluntly, COVID-19 and I are in touch. The day I discovered the (natural) vaccine, April 17 Chinese COVID-19 panicked - killing nearly 1300 hosts.

    Name:  China Deaths COVID-19.jpg
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    That was five days prior to my even ordering up the DNA.

    So my point really is that I understand how the COVID-19 is aware, in its way, to my calculating an accessible 5G resonant frequency (5.048193401 GHz) and waits in the ether with cancellation (180° out of phase).

    Name:  5G server farm highlighted cancellation at 5048 MHz.jpg
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    In Practicality

    Here is what it might look like during implementation:

    Name:  Waggle Tickle the Capsid 9 1 2020.jpg
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    This defeats any Patient Zero obstacle by focusing on what prevents the bats from becoming ill. This avoids any complications due to phylogeny and strain mutations. Here is the difference in just one month, earlier this year.

    For the Global Strategic Intelligence visit I might add some of the intuitive machinery:

    Name:  Myeloconia bliss implantation measured.jpg
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    Please notice that the pineal gland is recognized to be a transducer. It communicates through the myeloconia (brain dust) as a piezoelectric second harmonic. So as you see above, the COVID-19 is processing a defense by attempting to cancel the 5.048 GHz signal.

    Interesting that the world still awaits the answer, when the problem is that we feel our cerebral brains are more godly than our guts.

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